She Called Her Friend’s Husband Out on His Derogatory Remarks, and Now He’s Mad About It

In a recent Reddit post, a person found herself in a difficult situation after she called out her friend’s husband for making derogatory comments about his wife’s post-pregnancy weight. But was she in the wrong, or was she totally right? What would you have done in her shoes? Here’s the full story.

A Happy Dinner

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During a dinner at Anna’s place, her best friend Jenny, along with her husband Tom, visited with their newborn baby.

They Decided to Take a Soak

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Following the meal, Anna suggested going for a soak in the hot tub on the balcony.

Jenny and Tom agreed and decided to jump in.

Her Friend Wore a Bikini

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While getting ready, Jenny emerged in a bikini, radiating happiness and a post-pregnancy glow.

Anna found Jenny to be great, but not Tom.

Things Turned Ugly

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Tom’s response was less supportive.

He commented that Jenny still needed to lose weight to regain her pre-pregnancy attractiveness.

The Derogatory Comment

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Tom’s insensitive remark had an immediate effect on Jenny, evident from her sudden discomfort and fading smile.

She Was Struggling with Weight Gain

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Anna, having discussed Jenny’s struggles with weight gain during pregnancy, was deeply angered by Tom’s comment.

She Got Furious

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She perceived it as more than just a thoughtless joke, as it raised concerns about the way Tom might be treating Jenny privately.

In a moment of frustration, Anna retorted, drawing attention to Tom’s own physical appearance. 

She Mocked His Weight

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Tom had a hefty beer belly and a double chin, so Anna went on to say, “She just had a baby. What’s your excuse?”

He Got Defensive

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Anna’s response triggered a defensive reaction from Tom, who defended his comment as a joke and walked away to the hot tub.

Her Friend Silently Agreed

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Jenny, however, chuckled at Anna’s comment, indicating her agreement with the underlying sentiment.

She Was Told to Stay Out of Personal Matters

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Before leaving, Tom pulled Anna aside to express his disapproval, urging her to stay out of their personal matters.

Her Boyfriend Also Agreed

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Anna’s boyfriend offered a similar perspective, suggesting that Anna should have refrained from reacting altogether, arguing that it wasn’t her place to intervene.

She Felt Bad and Asked Reddit

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This left Anna contemplating whether she overstepped her boundaries and if she might have been in the wrong.

She took to Reddit to ask for thoughts, and more than two thousand comments poured in supporting her.

Redditors Shared Their Thoughts

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One Reddit user wrote, “NTA. That was not a joke. Just because someone claims something was a joke, doesn’t mean it was a joke. And now you know why she struggled with her weight gain during pregnancy – because she had an insecure husband at home making comments about it.”

Maybe He is Abusive in Private Too?

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Another Redditor commented, “If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Weight is a sensitive topic for lots of people, and new mothers are especially pressured to lose weight. Also, you hit the nail on the head; if he’s willing to speak that way in public, he sure as hell speaks worse in private.”

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