Sex-Positive Advocacy or Blood-Soaked Horror Show? An LGBT Festival Performance Faked Menstruation and Threw Tampons at the Audience, Sparking Controversy

A recent performance at a council-backed Pride festival in Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich, has sparked a heated debate over the appropriateness of the content presented to a diverse audience that included children. Here’s the full story.

The Controversial Performance

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The controversial performance took place on July 29, 2023, during the Norwich Pride Festival.

The performer, known as Mx Slaybia, identified as non-binary and took the stage dressed in a red alien outfit.

A Bloody Situation

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The act began with a rendition of No Doubt’s “Just A Girl,” during which the performer appeared to simulate menstruation through white trousers.

This act was accompanied by the smearing of red liquid symbolizing “blood” on their clothing.

Tampons Were Thrown at Kids

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As the performance escalated, Slaybia proceeded to throw wrapped tampons into the audience, some of whom were girls as young as five.

Reactions Varied

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The audience’s reactions varied, with footage capturing one child walking away in apparent discomfort.

The Warning

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The act was introduced by compere Alexa Darling, a drag queen known as the “Broadway Diva Of Norwich,” who provided a trigger warning for potentially sensitive content involving periods.

Some Praised the Performance

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The performance stirred immediate controversy, with some praising it for promoting discussions around menstrual health, period poverty, and transgender rights.

Many Opposed

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However, criticism swiftly followed, primarily focusing on the graphic nature of the performance and its suitability for the diverse audience present, including children.

It Was a Horror Show

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Maya Forstater, founder of the campaign group Sex Matter, condemned the performance and said, “Puberty is scary enough as it is for children without someone standing in front of them making it into a glittery horror show. It is completely inappropriate at a family event like this. It is almost as if people are trying to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable and appropriate all the time.”

The Council Faced Scrutiny

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The Norwich Council, which had initially expressed support for the Pride festival, faced scrutiny for its endorsement of the event.

No Tracing Back

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After the controversial performance, the council removed all traces of its backing from its official site.

They Declined to Respond

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The council declined to respond to inquiries regarding the act or the use of “menstrual blood” in the performance.

The LGBTQ+ Community Supported the Act

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While the performance sparked criticism from some quarters, it also drew support from within the LGBTQ+ community.

This Is Upsetting

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Alexa Darling, the Drag Queen who introduced the act, fiercely defended Mx Slaybia on social media.

She wrote on Instagram, “Seeing what has been happening to not only one of my best friends but to a fellow queer person as a result of an incredible, important and needed discussion about menstrual health and period poverty including around trans rights is beyond upsetting.”

The Organizers Stood by the Act

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Trustees of Norwich Pride, the event organizers, stood by the controversial performance but acknowledged the need for feedback on their programming choices.

Their Commitment

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A spokesperson said, “We will always strive to strike a balance between being an unashamedly queer and open space for our performers and creating a show that is able to be viewed and enjoyed by people of all ages. We are grateful to everyone who performed at the weekend for being their authentic, talented selves.”

They Welcome Constructive Feedback

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The trustees condemned any harassment directed towards performers and welcomed constructive feedback from attendees.

A Family Event?

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Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “‘LGBT pride family event’ – these are words that do not belong in the same sentence and definitely not a place where children should be taken.”

Utterly Disgusting

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Another User wrote, “They’re sick and to indicate to the world that there’s pride in this is biblical which they obviously don’t believe in, and utterly disgusting. PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM THIS FILTH AT ALL COSTS.”

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