She Got Her Revenge on a Nightmare Racist Boss, and It Was So Satisfying!

This story of revenge went viral on Reddit recently! It’s a classic tale of a manager from hell finally getting their comeuppance, and it is super satisfying!

A Talented Hardworking Woman

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Our protagonist is a talented and experienced professional who was desperate to find a job after she and her husband were both laid off.

She accepted a role that was a step down from her previous position, but the team and manager seemed great.

She Got Offloaded to a Nightmare Boss

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Unfortunately, her manager, Garret, was too busy and decided to offload her to another manager, Jane.

This turned out to be a mistake. Jane was an absolute nightmare to work with.

A Horrible Micromanager

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Jane micromanaged OP, asking her to work through lunch, move/cancel vacation days, would call at 11 pm on weekends, and even made nasty comments about her weight and race!

OP tried to talk back, but it only made things worse.

They Needed to Pay Their Bills

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OP only stayed because they needed to pay the bills; she was dealing with a family tragedy and couldn’t take the stress anymore.

Finally, she had a mental breakdown on a Friday afternoon after Jane yelled at her for something trivial about scheduling a meeting without including someone from her team, which she didn’t know about.

She Got Moved to a Different Team

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She told Garret about the situation with Jane, and he was sympathetic and not at all surprised, considering half her team had quit!

He immediately offered to move her to a different team under him. She was thrilled.

But That Didn’t Help

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Well, turns out going to the new team didn’t help. Even on the new team, Jane continued to order OP around and belittle her.

She ignored her emails, but Jane came to her desk one day and started loudly talking about how OP was not qualified for her role.

She Couldn’t Take It Any Longer

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Her boss overheard and finally told Jane off, but the verbal abuse did not stop!

OP resigned abruptly and stapled a 3-page long list of Jane’s offensive comments to her resignation letter! She also CC’ed it to everyone in the company.

Garret tried to convince her to stay, but she wouldn’t budge. The only way for her to stay would be for Jane to go, and her boss sadly didn’t have the authority to fire her.

This Woman Got Away Scot-Free

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Unfortunately, Jane’s manager worked in a different country, and despite several HR complaints from at least five people, HR did nothing.

OP left without shame, telling everyone exactly why she was leaving.

Some Very Tough Times

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This led to some very tough times for OP and her husband for three months.

They were struggling to make ends meet, and there were nights they would eat slices of bread just so they could pay the mortgage and emergency expenses from a health crisis and a funeral.

She Was Applying to Jobs Constantly

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Even after her husband found a job, they were still catching up on bills. She spent months applying to 5-10 jobs per day, sometimes over 20!

Luck Was on Her Side

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But luck was on her side. She saw a public memo about a bigshot she knew from a former workplace joining the company she had just left.

She used to work closely with him and texted him a congratulations message, offering to give him insights on the new place.

What an Offer!

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They had a quick call where she shared her thoughts on how they could innovate, and after the call, he offered her a job as his Chief of Staff!

Of course, she gladly accepted on the spot!

Her Time for Revenge Is Near

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Imagine Jane’s surprise when they had their first all-hands call, and the bigshot introduced OP as the new Chief of Staff! She now sat two levels above Jane.

The other half of her team had turned over while she was gone. Every single one of them had left.

She Sent a Classless Email

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While her old boss Garret was excited for the OP, Jane took the classless route and sent the bigshot a scathing email about OP.

She called OP an unqualified idiot, saying that she used to work for her and tried to get Jane fired, and she suspects that OP lied to get ahead!

It Was Her Time to Shine

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The bigshot forwarded Jane’s email to OP and asked for an explanation.

Rather than being scared, she was nervous and excited! It was finally time for some revenge!

She Didn’t Know What She Was Doing

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Little did Jane know that she had previously been a director at the bigshot’s company (working at a level above Jane’s current position), so two levels up wasn’t that big a leap!

On top of that, she’d worked with the bigshot for five years, so he knew her and her work ethic well.

She Exposed Her

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She had a one-hour call with the bigshot, where she explained that Jane was bad for company culture and a nasty person in general.

She provided evidence, including Garret confirming that her whole team had resigned under her, OP’s prior resignation letter, and other nasty emails that Jane had sent her recent staff.

She Got Her Revenge!

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The end result? The bigshot fired Jane on Friday!

OP was overjoyed! She had stood up to her bully and come out on top. Her hard work and perseverance had paid off, and she had landed a dream job. Her revenge was short, swift, and oh-so-sweet.

What do you think about this woman’s tale of revenge? Have you ever had to deal with a boss from hell? 

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