He Took Revenge When a Con Man Tried to Take $12,500 of His Money After a Parking Lot Accident

A Reddit user shares his story of a car accident and the serial con artist who tried to take advantage of him.

The original poster (OP) explains that he was driving his pickup truck home from his job as a foreman and went to get food from McDonald’s.

While pulling out of the parking lot, he lightly scraped another car as he looked left and “wasn’t paying great attention to what was happening in front of me.”

OP jumped out and ensured the driver was okay before apologizing and offering to pay for the damages in cash. The driver, who OP calls Brent, agreed.

A month later, Brent phones the OP from a body shop with a bill worth $2,403. OP says this was more than he’d imagined, but he was willing to pay and tells Brent to get the work done.

Another month passes, and Brent calls OP, asking him to write “a check for $2,500, and we can call it even.” OP agrees, and Brent says he’ll contact him soon.

A month after their last contact, Brent phones OP one evening, asking if they can meet immediately. OP agrees, takes his $2500, and writes a quick contract for Brent, releasing OP from all liability if Brent takes the cash.

They meet, and OP hands over the $2500. Brent signs the contract after barely glancing at it and doesn’t take his copy. OP thought this was a red flag, but assumed Brent didn’t care about the paperwork.

A few weeks later, OP checks his mail to find a notice from a lawyer. Brent is suing him for $10,000 for wrecking his car and not paying!

Luckily, OP had a lot of evidence on his side. His girlfriend also works for a lawyer, who offered to represent him.

This is when OP begins plotting his revenge. He had photos of Brent’s car for insurance purposes. This car had a business logo on the side, and it turns out it was Brent’s business.

The business had multiple 1-star reviews from people complaining that B has scammed them – mainly because he quoted a price and then charged four times that.

OP realizes that Brent is doing to OP what he did to these poor people, and his lawyer takes note of this.

As OP and his lawyer arrive at court, Brent smiles at OP and asks, “Are you ready to give me more of daddy’s money?”

Brent’s lawyer states that OP attempted a hit-and-run and tried to bully Brent into taking a deal for $2500.

OP smiled as his lawyer presented his counterevidence: printouts of their texts and a physical copy of Brent’s signed contract. OP noted that Brent’s lawyer “was ghostly white and looked sick.”

The final nail in the coffin came when OP’s lawyer presented printouts of the business reviews and explained how Brent was doing the same to OP – and the judge said he had seen enough.

When the judge asked Brent for a final statement, Brent replied, “I don’t even have the $2,500 anymore. Can I just get that then and we will be okay?”

He was admitting to the judge that he’d been lying and had received the money. OP states that he “thought his lawyer was going to strangle him! It was beautiful.”

The judge ruled in OP’s favor, and Brent had to pay OP’s legal fees, damages, and lost wages. OP says that “the absolute sweetest part was that this particular day my crew was on a VERY high wage job,” resulting in Brent having to pay OP almost $5,000! OP added, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my life.”

Reddit users loved OP’s story of revenge. MississippiJoel said, “Love it! Did you get paid a lump sum, or did he have to set up a payment plan? Lol” to which Palabritah wittily replied, “Maybe Brent had to ask his daddy for money, lol.”

Remainoftheday gave another popular response, stating, “perfect…lawyers absolutely hate lying clients as, like in this case, it blows up in their face and makes them look like idiots. I have no doubt that lawyer also took it out on mr sleaze out of earshot.”

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