President’s Latest Address Ignites Debates and Accusations of Racial Insensitivity

President Joe Biden recently faced criticism for his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus on September 23. Here’s what happened.

The Speech

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Biden mispronounced LL Cool J’s name when honoring the recipients of the Phoenix Award for their contributions to hip-hop music, calling him “LL Jay Cool J.”

Biden Forgot

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“Two of the great artists of our time representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip hop in America, LL Jay Cool J, uh…” Biden said.

Things Took a Turn

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The audience reacted with laughter, but the situation took a turn when Biden made an unfortunate comment.


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He added, “By the way, that boy — that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs.”

Online Users Shared Their Thoughts

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The use of the term “boy” in reference to a black man stirred immediate backlash online, with many users accusing Biden of racism.

One user wrote, “His mind doesn’t know where it wants to be right now.”

Racist Biden

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Another user added, “Can’t hide Joe Biden’s racism – ‘boy’!!!” while one user added, “It’s the 101st time he’s referred to black people by racial slurs of the past.”

A Total Mockery

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A third user commented, “Oh god make it stop PLEASE. He’s making a total mockery of this country.”

He Clearly Has No Idea

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A fourth user added, “The guy doesn’t even know where he is. He clearly has no idea who LL Cool J is or anyone else for that matter.”

Why Is This Acceptable

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A fifth user wrote, “If anyone else said it then we’d have riots and protests. Why is this remotely acceptable.”

Biden Is Not Going to Apologize

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Another user also added, “I bet everything that Biden is not going to apologize. Not even once. And if he does (which he won’t.) It’s going to be through an aide or a publicist/representative indicating that he still didn’t apologize.”

This Has Happened Before

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However, this wasn’t an isolated incident.

Earlier this year, Biden faced criticism for referring to Maryland’s first black governor, Wes Moore, using the same term.

Don’t Call Black Men ‘Boys’

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Senator Cory Booker called him out, stating, “You don’t joke about calling black men ‘boys.'”

The Lie

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Moreover, Biden’s recent gaffes have not been limited to racial issues.

During his speech about the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, he claimed, “I’ve been to every mass shooting.”


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This statement was met with confusion and fact-checking, as it is far from accurate.

“’Do something. Please do something. Do something to prevent the tragedies that leave behind survivors who will always carry the physical and emotional scars, families that will never quite be the same, and communities overwhelmed by grief and trauma. Do something. Do something.’ My administration has been working relentlessly to do something,” he added.

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