10 Phrases Men Hate Hearing From Women

Sometimes it can be as easy for men and women to communicate as it is for a fish to bark. While relationships can be great, they don’t always sail along, and despite our best intentions, we often find ourselves on opposite sides, desperately trying to make our points heard.

I came across this timeless issue when Redditor, Human02211979 asked, “What’s a phrase men hate hearing from women?”

Over 11,000 people commented, and twice as many upvoted, to give you these ten relatable phrases.

Phrases Men Hate Hearing According to Reddit

1. “No, You Go Ahead, Do Whatever You Want.” – 22.1K Votes

Teamdisaster47 shared, “School has a system in place to keep you from falling behind. Life doesn’t.”

Redditor yodazer added, “Yup. Life will run you over if you mess around. And even if you do have your stuff together, you could be one financial crisis away from losing it all.” The-loon went on to say that you can add that’s, “Up there with ‘fine’ and ‘I guess’.”

2. “I Just Think It’s Funny How…” – 15.3K Votes

Reddior, Phobia117 gave their input with, “I just think it’s funny how…” to which Bigstar976 added, “That’s never good. Nor funny.”

3. “Do You Like My Friend?” – 8K Votes

Nothinglasts21 said, “‘Do you like my friend?’ Because it always ends up in an argument either way.

Because it always ends up in an argument either way.”. Lighttowercircle added that they, “Had an ex who got preemptively mad at me when one of her friends was gonna stay with us for a few weeks because she just ‘knew’ that I was gonna cheat with her friend.”

4. “We Need to Talk.” – 7.9K Votes

Codi409’s phrase was simply, “We need to talk” to which Bungfoo added, “Hit her back with the ‘We sure do! Now we are both suffering…”

5. “They Couldn’t Handle Me.” – 6.5K Votes

OreoKing10 shared their phrase, “They couldn’t handle me”. They added that, “Relationships are about building each other up, not constantly having to deal with the other person’s attitude or poor behavior/mental health.

This is not as much of a flex as a lot of people think it is and raises major red flags for me.”

6. “How Can You Not Think Anything, You Must Be Hiding Something.” – 5.4K Votes

SuvenPan, said, “How can you not think anything, you must be hiding something” which Worldpeaza commented, “For me a big part of this is envy, I wish I could think less! Would mean I’d never have said bad things like these..”

7. “…You Don’t Have Anything Planned, so Lets Fill It up With Lots of Stuff…” – 4.8K Votes

Number 7 on the list is a contribution from, Unwittyusername42. They said, “This is very general but ‘I see you don’t have anything planned on this day so lets fill it up with lots of stuff instead of letting you relax.” 

They went to add, “Some people love to do stuff all the time so don’t take this as universal – just listen to your guy/girl.”

Shaun_B said, “‘What are your plans for the day?’, ‘Nothing.’ ‘Okay, let’s do…’ ‘I am going to stop you right there and say that I am planning to do nothing today.”

8. “Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?” – 3.1K Votes

Wheenc’s contribution got over three thousand votes with, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” This particular comment seemed to have got a lot replies…

9. “You Pick… But Not There Not There Not There Not There or There…” – 1.7K Votes

HotelRwandaBeef’s contribution was to do with food. “I’m not hungry or you pick.. but not there not there not there not there or there.”

They went on to say, “It’s one of the most widely joked about relationship tropes…but it has to be one of the truest. I watched two married friends this weekend almost lose it over this lol.”

10. “Well XXXXX’s Husband Does It, Why Can’t You?”

– 1.2K Votes

Vanielmage shared, “Well xxxxxxxx’s husband does it, why can’t you?, Babe, xxxxxxxx’s husband is 30 years older than me and retired. He has the time. I don’t.”

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