Dad Claims That Perfect Attendance Awards Are Bogus, ‘How Are We Still Doing These?’

With the flu and covid still in the air, parents have been doing their best to navigate school events without them or their children contracting anything. Yet, for some reason, perfect attendance awards are still relevant. A TikTok dad posted a now-viral video explaining why he believes perfect attendance awards should be taken out of the education system.

Out of Their Control

The point that @speechprof makes is that it seems wrong to reward a child for coming to every day of school and punishing another child for missing a day, when it is completely out of their control whether or not they get sick.

@speechprof #stitch with @jayrscottyy can we get rid of perfect attendance awards? #parentsoftiktok #stayhome #gettingsick ♬ original sound – The Speech Prof

He talks about how he was at an awards ceremony where his son won a reading award. He expressed his concern about the fact that there was a perfect attendance award as well.

He said, “In the current state of the world we live in should we really be encouraging parents to send their sick kids to school? Is that the message we should be sending? Or, should we be rewarding the students that are responsible citizens and staying home when they’re ill instead of coming to school and getting their classmates sick?”

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TikTok Reacts

Viewers were in agreement with the father’s sentiment and shared their own experiences with the perfect attendance policies at their own schools.

One user said, “I had perfect attendance from K-12 and it has benefited me in absolutely no way.”

A Jewish commenter shared her unfortunate situation. “Attendance awards bummed me out bcz there was no universe in which a Jewish kid could honor our holidays & have perfect attendance at a public school.”

Another user sought to lighten the mood with a little humor. “My attendance is perfect when I show up. I just don’t always show up.” The original poster responded and said, “Can’t argue with that.”

Another user said they should change the name of the award to a more fitting title. “They should rename them ‘My adults send me to school sick’ if they insist on doing them.'”

Overall, everyone was seemingly in agreement that the idea of perfect attendance is no longer relevant and that it is time to move on from this outdated acknowledgment of achievement.

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