Mom Keeps Baby in the Sink While She’s Cleaning, the Internet Is Not Happy

A mother shared on social media that she places her infant in the sink while she cleans the kitchen. The video has garnered over a million views on TikTok, with a lot of hate to go with it.

Mother and fitness influencer @theminiboss_ explained that she bathes her child in the sink and then leaves them there while she cleans so the baby can have “sensory time.”

She added, “He loves kicking around!”

@theminiboss__ multitasking at its finest #newmom #firsttimemom #newbornbath #newbornroutine #cleantok #theminiboss__ ♬ Remember – Acoustic / Sped Up (with David Guetta) – Becky Hill & Speed Radio & xxtristanxo

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One user expressed concern over the baby being in the water unsupervised. “As a third time mom there is a lot of multitasking I would encourage and I do. But we don’t mess with water like that.”

Another user was more outspoken about their disapproval. “Noooooooooooo please no!!!!!!!! Don’t ever look away from a baby in water omg”

Yet another user stressed how unsafe it is to leave a baby in water and not be watching them. “So unsafe to take your eyes off bubs in water, even if only for a few seconds.”

Another user chose sarcasm as their means of expressing their opinion. “put baby in dishwasher, with dishes, then can get vacuuming done too.”

The woman did her best to reassure commenters that her baby is indeed safe. She claims the baby was in very shallow water and was not in any danger of drowning.

“He’s in a very low amount of water and I’ve done many baths where I sit and stare, so I know he’s okay and I’m right next to him the whole time.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the mom leaving her baby in the sink was harmless?

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