Liz Cheney Issues Stark Warning About GOP’s Future if Jim Jordan is Selected

Jim Jordan may finally fill the void in House leadership, but not everyone thinks he’s the man for the job. In fact, Liz Cheney says Jordan could undo the Republican party completely. Here is the full story.

McCarthy Stepped in It

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When Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy made a deal with Democrats to keep the government running in late September, he also doomed his own leadership role.

In Bed With Democrats

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At issue was the continuing resolution, or CR, that Republican McCarthy put together in conjunction with Dems to allow the government to stay in business even after the October 1 budget deadline passed.

But He Promised!

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The problem with that deal, said conservative members of the House, was that McCarthy had promised never to accept a CR, let alone broker one.

He Sold His Soul

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That was one of many vows McCarthy made back in January to win a hotly contested vote to become Speaker in the first place.

Sharks Were Circling

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As soon as McCarthy backtracked on that promise, the Republican sharks came for him, led by Florida’s Matt Gaetz.

Bounced from Power

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Within a matter of days, eight Republicans teamed up with all available Democrats to vote McCarthy out of the Speaker’s seat.

That left a leadership void that caused serious problems.

House Left Paralyzed

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For example, with no one in charge when Hamas attacked Israel, and with the Senate in recess, the United States was practically paralyzed in their ability to officially boost support for their Middle East ally.

Scalise Couldn’t Cut It

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That very public void pushed Republicans to nominate Louisiana’s Steve Scalise as their next Speaker.

But he pulled out after about a day, when it became evident he could never get the votes he needed to actually win the seat.

Jordan in the Limelight

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So it was back to the drawing board for the GOP, who eventually settled on the man they had been dancing around for weeks.

Ohio’s Jim Jordan became their next choice as Speaker.

Tough Road Ahead

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And, even though it looked like Jordan could garner the support that Scalise lacked, not all Republicans were happy with the choice.

Cheney Not a Fan

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Count former Wyoming representative Liz Cheney among those who aren’t fans of Jordan.

‘Abandoning the Constitution’

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Taking to X as Jordan moved toward a nomination, Cheney let the world know how she felt about the situation.

Citing Jordan’s support for overturning the 2020 Presidential election, Cheney said Republicans “will be abandoning the Constitution” if they tab Jordan.

Not a Trump Supporter

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Cheney has been one of the most vocal detractors of Donald Trump, especially in the wake of the January 6th Capitol riots and the attempts to overturn the election.

Guilt by Association…and Actions

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And anyone who associated with Trump in those efforts, or tried to help him stay in office after the election, has felt Cheney’s wrath, too.

Voters Are About Done

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And Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, thinks voters have lost their appetite for the insurrections and attempts to invalidate election results.

They’ll Get What They Deserve

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If Republicans succeed in handing the Speaker’s gavel to Jordan, she says, they’ll be digging their own grave.

“If Rs nominate Jordan to be Speaker…they’ll lose the House majority and they’ll deserve to,” Cheney tweeted.

One Headache Off Their Plate

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The bright side for Republicans? If they do lose their majority, at least they’ll no longer have to deal with the pesky task of selecting a Speaker.


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