Is She Wrong if She Doesn’t Go to Her Childhood Best Friend’s Wedding

Friendship can be challenging to navigate, especially when it comes to major life events like weddings. In a recent Reddit post, a person found herself questioning her role in her childhood best friend’s wedding. Here’s the full story.

Her Friend Is Getting Married

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A few months ago, Beth, who was still healing from surgery, got a late-night call from her friend, Jannet.

Beth assumed that her friend was calling to see if she was doing well, and so she drowsily assured her that everything was fine.

Jannet was OP’s childhood best friend, but after college and as life went on, they haven’t spoken much. However, they have met occasionally for some drinks and on major life event occasions.

It turns out that Jannet was actually calling to tell Beth about her engagement! She showed Beth her engagement ring, and Beth quickly changed her tone to one of joy and asked about her wedding.

She Thought She Would Be a Part of the Celebrations

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A few days later, her friend shared wedding details over text, telling Beth not to worry if she couldn’t make it.

Beth was certain attending it wouldn’t be a problem. She wouldn’t miss this wedding for the world.

She Was Not Invited to the Parties

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The kicker came when Beth asked about the Bachelorette party…only to find out that she wasn’t included at all!

She was only told that the party would be organized by the friend’s younger sister and her “gay best friend.”

It was a shocking revelation that left Beth feeling left out.

She Felt Bad

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Beth was devastated. She felt a deep sense of loss for not being included in the bridal party and other parts of the wedding planning process.

She had been an integral part of other major events in her friend’s life. Now, she was left questioning if she truly meant as much to Jannet as she thought she did.

She Wonders if She Should Go

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Beth is now seriously reconsidering her commitment to attending her friend’s wedding.

She feels burned and frozen out, and she doesn’t know what to do or how to react.

Redditors Weigh In

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Several Redditors said that Beth would be wrong for not attending and pointed out that “Just because you aren’t in the wedding party doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go if you consider her your friend you should want to be there for this special day regardless.”

One Redditor commented, “This is not a competition, and there won’t be anyone winning “the best friend ever” badge, so chill. She called you in the middle of the night, possibly right after getting engaged (or do you live in different time zones?), and she expressed her wish for you to attend her wedding, so she still cares.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “Yes you would be AH if you don’t go to her wedding. It sounds like you’ve been friends a long time and your absence would be noticed. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this experience to learn the difference in how you value each other as friends and adjust your end accordingly.”

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