Is She Wrong for Asking Her Fiancé’s Non-Binary Sibling to be a Bridesmaid Instead of Being a “Grooms Person”?

Her fiancé has a non-binary sibling, and he wants them to be a groom’s person, not in her bridal party, which is causing tension. 

The woman, who is engaged to a man named Dan, has been in a relationship with him for three years. Dan has a non-binary sibling named Quinn, whom he is close to.

Although Quinn’s parents accept their non-binary identity, they don’t fully understand it. 

The woman likes Quinn and gets along with them, but is concerned about their role in the wedding.

Dan recently mentioned Quinn would be a “grooms person” and stand on his side of the wedding party wearing a suit. 

The woman was surprised by this and thought Quinn would wear a dress and stand on their side of the wedding party. 

However, she is worried that Quinn’s appearance could confuse their older family members unaware of Quinn’s non-binary identity. 

When she expressed their concerns to Dan, he became angry and accused them of being inconsiderate.

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She explained that she doesn’t mind Quinn being part of the wedding party, but she thinks it could cause unnecessary stress and confusion on the day. 

She even suggested Quinn could wear a black dress or pants designed to look like a dress, but Dan refused to consider the option. He didn’t want to upset Quinn by asking them about their preferences. 

The woman is now wondering if it would be wrong to approach Quinn and ask them directly about their feelings on the matter.

Redditors overwhelmingly said the woman was the A**Hole. One user said, “If Quinn is in the wedding party regardless, who cares what side they’re on? If their gender presentation could go either way, ASK if they want to wear, rather than just assume.”

After the post got so many negative comments, she admits to being prejudiced and holding unfair bias towards their fiancé’s non-binary sibling, Quinn.

After receiving feedback and having a heart-to-heart with Quinn, they apologized for their thoughts and agreed to reevaluate their views. 

The wedding plans were changed, with Quinn promoted to Dan’s person of honor and wearing a tailored suit as they share the role with Dan’s best friend.

What do you think? Is the woman being insensitive or is her fiance being too protective?

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