Is He Bad for Asking His Grandfather to Hand the Family Company Down to Him Instead of His Father?

OP’s husband, a 26-year-old man, has been employed at his family’s business founded by his grandfather. Now, the husband wants his grandfather to hand down the business to him. 

He Made the Company Grow Again

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Initially working in the parts department with no knowledge of trucks, Kevin is now the service foreman, having worked his way up.

Over the last three years, he has managed to revive the business, which was barely surviving on regular customers, by bringing in new clients, requiring the hiring of more mechanics.

Passionate Worker

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In addition to his mechanical work, Kevin has taught himself to handle the business aspect, running reports, processing inventory, and managing finances.

He is deeply passionate about his work, often working for at least 60 hours a week, and dreams of owning the company one day and passing it down to his children.

The Son Doesn’t Take Care of the Business

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Kevin’s father, Jim, is the current general manager of the family business, which was founded by his father, Madison.

But unlike Kevin, Jim does not share the same passion for the business.

He Wants to Sell It

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He views it merely as a job that he will inherit from Madison and eventually sell.

Jim has no expertise in servicing vehicles and is solely responsible for managing the administrative aspects of the business, such as answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and handling service write-ups.

Additionally, Jim travels for about four months out of the year, leaving Kevin to manage the business on his own during that time.

He Wants to Take Over His Grandfather’s Business

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Kevin’s parents have frequently discussed their eagerness to sell the family business as soon as Madison passes away.

Their plan is to use the proceeds to purchase a larger home in the southern region, freeing themselves from the responsibility of running the shop.

But this decision would also deprive Kevin of the opportunity to inherit the business to which he has dedicated his time and energy to improve.

He Told His Grandpa the Truth

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Several months ago, during a visit from Madison, Kevin took the opportunity to share some upsetting news with Madison.

He revealed that Jim had no intention of keeping the family business within the family, which was devastating for Madison to hear.

In an effort to preserve the business for future generations, Kevin suggested that his name be added to the will, bypassing Jim and allowing the business to pass directly to him.

Madison agreed to this proposal and made the necessary arrangements.

His Father Was So Upset!

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A few days ago, Kevin’s parents learned about the arrangement made between Madison and him, and they were furious. They accused OP and Kevin of being greedy and trying to steal what was rightfully theirs by birthright.


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They further argued that Jim had been working at the family business for over 40 years, compared to Kevin’s tenure of less than a decade.

According to them, OP and Kevin had no right to interfere with their plans for the business, and it was not their concern.

They claimed that the business had always been reserved for them in the will and accused OP and Kevin of ruining their retirement plans.

A Groundswell of Support

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Some commenters believe that it’s Madison’s decision to make and that Jim feels entitled to the business because of seniority.

Others suggest that Jim is not qualified to take over the business and would only sell it off for a big payout.

They also criticize the in-laws for assuming that the business is their golden retirement fund.

Some commenters ask for more information, but most agree that Kevin is not in the wrong and that it’s ultimately up to the grandfather to decide who gets the business.

Open Communication

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One user wrote, “You and your husband openly communicated with the person whose choice it was to hand down the business, and they changed their mind.”

“They just feel entitled to owning it because of seniority and the underlining expectation that they would always receive it once he passed.”

Be Smart About It

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Some commenters suggest that Madison should turn over the business to Kevin while he’s still alive to avoid an ugly court battle over the will.

Another commenter accuses the mother-in-law of being a gold digger who overestimates her worth in the situation. Overall, the majority of commenters side with the Reddit user and believe that Madison has the right to choose who will inherit his business.

What do you think you would do in this situation?

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