How One Clever Parent Got Revenge on a Teacher Who Tried to Punish Their Child for Something They Couldn’t Control

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His French Teacher Wasn’t Putting up With It

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His French teacher, Mrs. Fabre, regularly puts kids in detention over everything.

While some were justified, like talking in class and not doing homework, the man felt Mrs. Fabre’s reasoning for putting him in detention was ridiculous. 

Trying to Escape Undetected

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He tried everything to avoid getting into trouble with Mrs. Fabre, from staying at the back of the class by a nearby open window to asking his parents if they could have something less likely to bring on flatulence. 

Getting in Trouble Regularly

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Despite his efforts, the situation escalated, and he was regularly given detention despite no obvious discipline issues. 

Keeping It All Under Wraps

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For a while, the man kept his detentions hidden, because both of his parents worked until after he got home anyway, and he thought his parents couldn’t do anything about it. 

The Secrets Came Out on His Birthday

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Everything came to a head when he was put into after-school detention on his 14th birthday.

His parents always made a fuss about his birthdays, because it was close to Christmas, and they knew that he liked a day when he could pick anything for dinner and anything to do all night long.

His Detention Was Going to Ruin Everything

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This detention was scheduled to last for two hours, so there was no way he was getting home before his parents did.

His parents were unhappy when they found out that he had been losing break times, lunchtimes, and hours of his home life to Mrs. Fabre’s insanity in her efforts to get them to stop farting.

Mom Finds Out Everything

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They planned to go out for dinner at an Italian restaurant, as his favorite food is lasagna.

His father failed to get the money back on the reservation or change the time, so his mother was unhappy when she found out everything about why he was in detention and how much time he had spent in it. 

Mom Plans Her Revenge

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The following day, after his birthday, his mother took the day off work, and they were called into the school office to sit-down with Mrs. Fabre and the principal. 

A Meeting With the Principal

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The man let his mother speak first, and his mother talked about how much money the family had spent getting him home from school.

He couldn’t take the 3 o’clock bus his bus pass covered, and she had to spend close to $15 a week getting them home. 

Mom Wants to Be Compensated

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She then added the cost of her workday that she had to take off, and the reservation they lost on the man’s birthday.

She Brought…Receipts?!

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Then, his mother did something unexpected. She pulled out a stack of bus tickets, receipts, and a pay stub from work, showcasing the expenses she had to bear while sending her child to school.

She questioned whether the school or the teacher would compensate her for the cost.

Mrs. Fabre Is Faced With an Ultimatum

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The total expenditure, which included bus tickets, a lost reservation, and a day’s pay, amounted to around $250.

The principal intervened and assured his mother that she did not need to worry about the expenses.

Mrs. Fabre would be responsible for reimbursing her before the end of the day if she wanted to keep her job. 

Forced to Pay the Fine

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Mrs. Fabre, visibly angry, agreed to pay his mother from her paycheck.

The school office handed over the money, which the woman used to buy extra Christmas presents for her two children.

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