He Blamed His Wife For Not Packing His Pants For a Work Trip, Reddit Calls Him A**Hole For Not Taking Responsibility

A man and his wife, who have been married for seven years, are both in their thirties. 

He had to go on a last-minute work trip and needed to make arrangements for flights and hotel accommodations late at night before leaving the next day. 

As he primarily works from home, he needed new slacks for the trip, so he and his wife went to Walmart to buy some, along with a couple of button-up shirts. 

Upon returning home, he asked his wife to wash the new shirts separately and handed them to her while putting the pants in the dirty laundry.

While his wife washed his new clothes, she also packed his suitcase and put in the shirts after they finished washing.

When it was time to leave, he asked if she had packed his pants, and she said yes. 

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However, when he arrived at his hotel late the next night, he found his slacks missing from the suitcase. He called his wife, upset, and asked her where they were. 

She initially became defensive but eventually found the slacks unwashed in their bedroom laundry basket.

He expressed his frustration to his wife, as he had asked if she had packed everything before leaving. 

He was upset that she had forgotten, and now he didn’t have his new slacks for his work meeting. 

She explained that she didn’t realize he meant his slacks and thought she had packed all of his clothes, and it was unreasonable for him to expect her to do another load of laundry at midnight. 

She reassured him that it would be okay, but he still felt upset.

Although he could sense that his wife was frustrated with him for blaming her, he felt justified in asking if everything was packed before leaving.

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Spineberry said, “You’re a grown adult and should be doing your own packing and laundry. It is your responsibility to check that all the items were in the suitcase before leaving.”

Another user replied, “What are you? A little kid? Why didn’t YOU go to Walmart? Why didn’t YOU buy some shirts? Why didn’t YOU wash your shirts? Why didn’t YOU pack your suitcase? You can blame your wife all you want. You are a major a**hole any day of the week.” 

The man later apologized to his wife after reading the Reddit comments. 

What do you think? Was his frustration justified? Who’s responsibility was it to pack the pants?

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