She Was Livid When Her Gender Fluid Brother Chose a Name That Sounded Exactly Like Her Son’s, Is She Right for Getting Upset?

A Reddit subthread has provided an interesting question on the subject of trans rights and how families might have challenges handling a person changing their name. The poster is the sister of someone who has come out as trans.

#1. Her Relationship With Her Transgender Brother

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As the sister of a transgender brother, the sister has always tried to be as supportive as possible, especially since their parents are transphobic. 

#2. Overcoming Parental Transphobia

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She has been a staunch ally of their brother since he came out this year, bringing him a binder and flag, and standing up to their parents when they said hurtful things about him.

#3. Finley and His Relationship With His Uncle

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The sister has a 4-year-old son named Finley, who has always been fond of his uncle. 

#4. Explaining Transgender Identity to a Young Child

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When her brother came out, she explained to Finley what being transgender means, and the child was completely accepting.

#5. Her Brother’s Consideration of a Name Change

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However, things have become complicated now that the brother is considering a name change.

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#6. Difficulty in Choosing a Name That Feels Right

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Over the past four months, the brother has gone through several names as he tried to settle on one that felt right. 

#7. The Decision to Change his Name

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He recently messaged the sister to say he has found a name he likes – Finn. 

#8. Shock and Concern About the Name Choice

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Her mouth dropped in shock, because Finley, her child’s name, is often shortened to Finn by his friends.

Trying not to be harsh, the sister messaged back, “But Finley?” 

The brother responded that Finn is a completely different name, and he doesn’t go by Finley.

#9. The Potential for Confusion and Hurt Feelings

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The speaker tried to explain that it would be confusing for her child and others in the family, but the brother refused to budge.

#10. The Uncomfortable Conversation

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The conversation ended on an uncomfortable note, and the sister hasn’t talked to her brother in two days. 

#11. The Struggle to Balance Support and Hurt

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She feels torn between supporting her brother’s gender identity and ensuring that her child is not confused or hurt by the name change.

What would you do? Do you think the sister isn’t being supportive or is her brother being selfish?

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