Her Manager Collected Donations for Her After the Loss of Her Daughter, the Twist? She Never Saw a Cent, the Manager Kept Every Dollar!

This sad story comes to us from Reddit, where a grieving mother was looking for advice. Let’s take a look at her predicament.

A Grieving Mother’s Quest for Justice

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Our protagonist in this story is a poor soul named Anna.

Anna’s Heart-Wrenching Loss

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Anna has been through hell and back, dealing with the heart-wrenching loss of her precious daughter. It was the kind of pain that no parent should ever have to endure.

Anna Returns to the Office

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Anna had been trying her best to hold it together while working part-time from home, but it was getting too much to handle.

So, on that fateful Monday, she mustered up the courage to step foot in the office for the first time since her world shattered.

Little did she know that things were about to take a mind-boggling twist.

Cathy’s Concern

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At lunchtime, one of her coworkers, Cathy, approached Anna with a concerned look on her face.

Cathy asked Anna how she was holding up, and Anna, being the honest soul she was, spilled her guts about how she was struggling with everything, including the bills piling up like a mountain.

Unveiling a Surprising Donation

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Now, Cathy, being the nosy but well-intentioned coworker, couldn’t help but ask a personal question.

She wanted to know how long the donations had lasted. Anna, with a confused expression, responded that she hadn’t received any donations.

In fact, she had to dig into her own pocket to cover all the expenses, including the heartbreaking decision to opt for cremation because it was cheaper.

Betrayal and Disbelief

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Cathy’s eyes widened with disbelief. She couldn’t wrap her head around what she was about to reveal.

She whipped out her phone and pulled up her PayPal account, showing Anna a donation of $200 with a note that said, “To help Anna’.”

Cathy told Anna that other coworkers had also pitched in.

Challenging Anna’s Sanity

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Well, you can only imagine the mix of shock, anger, and betrayal that surged through Anna’s veins. She stormed straight to HR, determined to get to the bottom of this messed-up situation.

But instead of finding a sympathetic ear, HR met her with a wall of denial. The HR rep had the audacity to suggest that Anna must have been too lost in her grief to notice the manager had sent her the funds!

Anna’s Determined Defense

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Now, Anna wasn’t about to let anyone question her sanity. She whipped out her PayPal activity history, meticulously going through it to prove her point.

She showed that there were no incoming donations whatsoever, even going back to before she tragically lost her daughter. But HR wasn’t having it.

They dropped the bombshell that the manager had left the office a whole month ago, making it tricky to pin them down.

Unmasking the Culprit

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Can you believe that? Who in their right mind steals from a grieving mother and her deceased child? It made Anna sick to her stomach. 

Dreams of a Proper Farewell

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The money collected through donations was never technically hers, but the thought of burying her daughter in a manner befitting her memory had been within reach, only to be cruelly snatched away.

Overwhelming Support

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Feeling lost, betrayed, and downright disgusted, Anna turned to the Reddit community for advice and support. And boy, did those Redditors come through, with thousands of people offering their opinions.

They showered her with virtual hugs, expressing their deepest sympathies for her unimaginable loss. They couldn’t fathom how someone could stoop so low and use her tragedy for personal gain.

It struck a chord with every compassionate soul who stumbled upon her post.

Rallying for Justice

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The Reddit community rallied behind Anna, urging her to take action.

They told her to call the police, get statements from her coworkers, and not let that slimy manager get away with their wicked deeds!

They even threw in some legal advice, suggesting she consult a lawyer and email HR to confirm everything they had said.

Standing Up Against the Thief

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The Redditors knew that what the manager had done was downright criminal.

They encouraged Anna to stand up for herself, reminding her that she deserved justice and that the thief deserved a one-way ticket to the slammer.

Expert Insights

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Amidst the outpouring of advice and sympathy, a former police detective with experience in theft and fraud cases shared valuable insights.

He assured Anna that pursuing criminal charges against the manager was not only justifiable but also feasible.

With subpoenas, financial record examinations, and witness statements, she could seek justice.

Self-Care Amidst the Chaos

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And throughout all the outrage, there were also kind souls who reminded Anna to take care of herself.

They urged her not to let the stress of the situation consume her, emphasizing that her well-being and grieving process were paramount.

They reminded her that her daughter was watching over her, and she would want nothing more than for her mom to find solace and healing.

Taking Action

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Encouraged by this expert advice and the unwavering support of the Reddit community, Anna decided to take action.

She followed the suggestions to gather evidence, contacting her coworkers to inquire about their donations and requesting any proof they could provide.

Once they provide the proof, she’s going straight to the police! Hopefully, it will be enough to make that manager pay – literally.

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