Her Ex Owes Her $12,000 in Debt and You Won’t Believe How She Got Revenge!

This story is filled with twists and turns, as Ethan lies about his earnings and abuses his girlfriend before they finally break up. Racking up over $12,000 in debt, she gets revenge in the sweetest way possible!

A Bid for a Better Life

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Meet Lily and Ethan, two individuals seeking a fresh start in their relationship. 

Struggling with their living arrangements and living with their grandparents, they took a leap of faith and decided to move in together. 

Getting Together Tore Them Apart

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They believed that sharing a home would bring them closer, little did Lily know the stress that Ethan would put on her.

A Troubled Journey

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Their journey together took an unexpected turn as they found themselves breaking leases not once, but twice. 

The financial repercussions were harsh, with each break costing them over $4,000.

Unveiling the Truth

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As cracks started to appear in their relationship, a disturbing revelation emerged that Ethan had been hiding his true income from Lily. 

Shocking Deception

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In a bid to impress her, he misled her about his earnings, claiming he made double what he actually did.

Doing Everything for Love

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Lily believed him, and this brought a huge financial burden to both. 

With the truth finally coming to light, Lily found herself working twice as hard to make ends meet. 

Staggering Financial Burden

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Rent alone was $1,800 per month, pushing their finances to the brink, with Ethan’s debts to Lily racking up to a huge $12,000!

Abusive Behaviour and Control

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Behind closed doors, the relationship took a toxic turn as Ethan started hitting on Lily’s sister and friends. 

He also started berating Lily’s contributions to the household, claiming that she should be cleaning and cooking more. 

Isolated and Alone

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Trust eroded, leaving Lily feeling trapped and unhappy.

The Unexpected Breakup

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Lily walked in on Ethan while he was on a phone call and his sudden request to talk later left her with a sinking feeling. 

When the conversation finally came, Ethan dropped a bombshell: he wanted to end their relationship. 

Heartbreak in the Moment

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Shocked and devastated, Lily never saw it coming, and an intense argument ensued, lasting all night.

Left Alone and Heartbroken

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The following day, Ethan packed his belongings and left for his grandfather’s house, leaving Lily alone and without a car.

The Escape Plan

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Ethan proposed to remain roommates but Lily rejected it. 

She chose to break the lease and reclaim her independence by planning her escape. 

You Won’t Believe How She Got Revenge

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With a rented moving truck, she seized the opportunity to take everything, including the furniture purchased under Ethan’s name. 

It was a bold move.

A Difficult Moral Dilemma

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Some of Lily’s family admired her courage and applauded her decision to take control of her life whereas others saw her actions as harsh and urged her to apologise. 

Her mother and sister believed that revenge was not the answer.

Turning to the Online Community

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With mixed opinions from her family, Lily has turned to Reddit to seek advice, “He got you into a relationship under false pretenses, lied and cost you money. You are completely in the right imo,” argues one user.

Another user pointed out, “You paid for all of those things anyway, so rightfully, and legally, it’s yours. You can’t steal what is yours.”

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