Her Coworker Admitted to Watching Her OnlyFans!

Trying to upset a co-worker is never going to pay off. First, people need to think before they speak, as their honesty could backfire on them.

Second, telling someone you know more about their life outside of work will cause privacy issues.

This sassy TikToker (@nerdydirtycosplay) shares her work drama regarding a male co-worker that admits to watching her private OnlyFans content.

This platform has no relation to your full-time role and should not be discussed in the workplace. What this man doesn’t realize is that his misogyny could result in him losing his job. 

Workplace Tension

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Although there are changes to the OnlyFans platform, that should not mean a male co-worker, who should not be viewing his colleague’s private content, should make comments about the future of her side hustle.

Even though it is out there for the world to see, such private matters should never be discussed at work. 

Her co-worker asked her what she will do now that OnlyFans are updating their terms of service.

The new platform rules could put people out of jobs, especially those that rely on the platform for their main source of income. 

He Should Not Admit These Things

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But this woman’s main job is working in the construction industry. She only pursues OnlyFans on the side as a side hustle and extra source of income.

Many people are doing the same thing, and it isn’t unheard of. 

But it is rare to hear a co-worker admit to watching a colleague’s content, to say the least!

She Laughed at Him

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Her male co-worker also relies solely on his construction job for his income.

After asking what she will do, she smiled “real big” and laughed at him, because she knew that he would become unstuck if she told him to the company boss.

Losing his job would put him out of work and make him look foolish!

He Could Lose His Job

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Although she smiled and laughed at him, in her head, she was questioning why he would admit that he watches and views her OnlyFans content.

If a colleague does this, it could put them at risk of losing their job. His honesty could seriously backfire! 

She knew that if she were in his shoes, she’d be worrying about her own job, and not someone else’s continuing access to OnlyFans.

She Will Be the Successful One

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Even if she lost access to her OnlyFans business, she’d only have lost one of her income streams.

She would still have her full-time job to fall back on.

But if her co-worker lost his full-time job, he would lose his entire stream of income. 

She Is Sassy

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Her sassy attitude puts into perspective why co-workers should think about what they say before they say it.

Yes, she does have OnlyFans that could come to an end, resulting in less money. But, she will still have a job. 

Her co-worker should be more thoughtful of what he says, or he will be at risk of losing his job.

If you question why he would lose his job due to admitting he watches her OnlyFans, there can be two reasons. 

Workplace Relationships Are Not Allowed

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First, it isn’t often acceptable or tolerated for two colleagues to have any sort of sexual relationship.

Even though there isn’t any physical contact involved, watching a co-worker’s OnlyFans definitely goes above and beyond a close friendship!

Second, a situation like this can easily lead to sexual harassment or the appearance of sexual harassment. Misogyny in the workplace is a huge no-no!

We need to be careful about what we say at work. Even if our intentions are innocent, it is all too easy to make a coworker feel uncomfortable.

It Could Backfire on Him

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There is no mention as to whether the sassy female told on her male co-worker and lost him his job.

But it is comical and laugh-out-loud funny to understand how this question could easily fire back at him. 

What would you do in this scenario? If you were to stay quiet to keep your OnlyFans side hustle private, would you try and cause an issue another way to get back at him?

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