He Was Laid Off By His Boss Just Before Christmas But When He Gets Even, His Boss Has A Melt-Down

A recent thread on Reddit’s Petty Revenge subreddit saw a man get revenge on his employer by exposing his unfair wage practices when he laid him off right before Christmas.

Dramatic Change of Career

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This man was a former automotive technician who spent a decade in the field, initially receiving training from a major automotive manufacturer. 

The job quickly became boring, and he wanted a change. 

Shop with a Reputation

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He landed a job at a local off-road shop with a reputation in the city for providing excellent off-road upgrades and repairs for Jeep. 

He was hired with the understanding that he would be trained in welding, installing gears, and other niche skills.

Pushing For More

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After a few months of working at the shop, the man expressed his desire to further his skills as a technician. 

Verbal Berating and Name Calling

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Unfortunately, this did not sit well with the owner, who proceeded to verbally harass him in front of the rest of the staff, calling him ungrateful and stupid. 

Moving On

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Despite this, the man continued to work at the shop and eventually moved to another part of the business.

The man was responsible for installing interlocks in cars for those who had received DUIs for almost a year. 

Unemployment as a Christmas Gift

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Just before Christmas, the man and another installer were laid off and were told the shop was discontinuing its relationship with the interlock company. 

The owner said to pack their things, and their final checks would be given by the end of the week. 

Shocking Discovery

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Two days later, the man went to pick up his tools and was surprised to see a member of the interlock company training someone else on how to install and work with the devices. 


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Upon talking to the new employee, he discovered he was hired at a significantly lower wage than the man. 


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He warned the new employee that he would be insane to do the job for such a low wage.

Shocked by the Wage Difference

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The new employee was shocked by the wage difference and quit on the first day. 

The Owner Comes Unglued

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The owner hurled profanities at the man, accusing him of making the new employee quit. 

His Work Is Done at Last

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The man laughed it off, stating that his work was done, and left the shop.

What Did Reddit Say?

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Redditors loved this petty revenge. One user said, “Your employer was a slimeball and a scumbag, good for you for getting instant revenge.”

Virtuous Revenge

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NatashOverWorld replied, “you didn’t sabotage your replacement, you helped him avoid a jackass. That was an act of virtuous revenge.”

Another user, GalumphingWithGlee, mentioned legality saying, “In the US, with very few exceptions, it is in fact illegal for your employer to prohibit wage discussions.”

What did you think? Was this the perfect revenge or did he screw over the new employee? 

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