He Turned His Flight Into a Party as He Was the Only Passenger on Board

In a tale that sounds too good to be true, one man has lived every traveler’s fantasy. Phil Stringer shared his experience on TikTok of being the only passenger on a flight, turning it into a relaxed party for all the staff. 

How Long Did the Party Last?

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The flight was from Oklahoma City to Charlotte, North Carolina, lasting 3 hours. 

It Was Every Passenger’s Dream

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An 18-hour delay beforehand resulted in every passenger canceling, except Stringer…who would go on to have his dream flight.

Imagine This Happening to You!

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Stringer arrived at the departure gate to discover he was the only person there, but the flight was still scheduled to depart. 

He Was Rewarded for His Patience

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Originally set for 6.20 am on Sunday, the flight finally took off after midnight, granting Stringer an exclusive opportunity to be the king of the skies.

First-Class at Its Finest

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With the entire aircraft at his disposal, Stringer relished in the luxury of first-class seats and indulged in the finest food and drink American Airlines had to offer. 

Sharing His Excitement With TikTok

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He couldn’t contain his excitement and filmed the empty cabin, sharing it on TikTok with the caption: “When you buy every single ticket on the plane so you don’t have to deal with people.” 

He then admitted he was, “Just kidding” revealing that everyone has had, “Given up.”

Awkward Moment or Golden Opportunity?

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In disbelief, Stringer hilariously addressed the camera, saying, “I am the only person on this plane, and they have an entire flight crew. They do not want to do this flight.” 

Easiest Job of His Life?

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He then captured the smiling face of a baggage handler, who confirmed that he had loaded “all the bags” onto the aircraft. 

When asking how many bags the worker loaded, he replied with a smile, “Just one.”

Making Light of an Important Topic

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The aircrew remained in good spirits keeping the atmosphere lighthearted while going through the standard safety announcements.

Slacking on the Job?

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Staff could be seen in the seats on their phones before take off, showing just how relaxed they were about the situation.

Selfie Time

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At the end of the video they even obliged to take a selfie with the lone passenger for good will.

Viral in a Day

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The video of Stringer’s unbelievable flight quickly went viral, accumulating an astonishing 21.9 million views and 4.5 million likes in a single day. 

TikTok Was Jealous!

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TikTokers couldn’t contain their delight and envy at the unusual scenario he found himself in. 

One user exclaimed, “This makes me smile!! They still flew for you!!!”

Laugh Out Loud Comments!

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Others were coming up with hilarious scenarios, “Hope you didn’t let out fart in that airspace, cuz they would’ve known it was you.”

Another suggested, “Imagine you’re the only one and they still lost your luggage.”

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