He Told His Wife That She Ruined Another Woman’s Baby Shower by Making It All About Her

A distraught husband caused a buzz on Reddit when he revealed that his wife turned a friend’s baby shower into a pity party for herself. He could see the warning signs but couldn’t talk her out of self-destructing. Here is the full story.

It’s All Ahead of Them

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OP is a 28-year-old man who has been married to his 26-year-old wife for about a year.

They have been trying to conceive for the last couple of months.

They Had Plenty of Time

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When his wife didn’t get pregnant in the first few weeks of trying, she and OP went to see a doctor.

He told them it usually takes about a year for couples to get pregnant the first time.

She’s Already Panicking

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Even though there doesn’t seem to be any reason for concern at this point, OP’s wife has been telling people that she is infertile.

They Were Fast Friends

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At a recent work party, OP’s wife hit it off with the wife of one of his coworkers.

The other woman is pregnant and invited OP’s wife to her baby shower.

He Tried to Talk Her Out of It

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His wife gladly accepted and seemed really excited about the shower, but OP wasn’t so sure.

Once they left the work party, he asked her if she was sure she’d be okay going to the shower, considering the fertility issues they were having.

But She Wanted to Go

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OP’s wife assured him he was being silly and said she really wanted to go to the shower.

He Stayed Close By

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OP still had his doubts, but he dropped his wife off at the baby shower a few days later.

He hung out at a nearby coffee shop, though, just in case it was too much and she wanted to leave early.

She Called For Help

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Sure enough, about 40 minutes in, OP got a call from his wife. She wanted him to come get her.

She Got Emotional

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When OP got to the shower, his wife was standing in the center of a group of women, all consoling her.

She saw him and pulled him to the side, where she said that the emotions of the situation had gotten the better of her.

She Didn’t Want to Leave

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OP hugged his wife and said it was okay. But when he tried to get her to leave, she looked at him like he was crazy.

Why would she want to leave early, she wanted to know?

She Told Him to Get Lost

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OP reminded her that she had already had to run out once, so it seemed like she should just leave rather than risk causing another scene.

But his wife just rolled her eyes and told him to scram.

She Was the Center of Attention

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So he did. But when OP came back 3 hours later to pick his wife up after the shower, he found her inside, sitting in the middle of a circle the other women had formed around her. 

She Couldn’t Take the Drama

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OP didn’t see the pregnant woman, either. He asked her husband where she was, and he said she had left hours before.

She Forgot Why She Was There

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In the car on the way home, OP asked his wife how she felt about the whole thing.

She said the other women helped console her, so that was good.

But then she remembered she forgot to say goodbye to the pregnant woman.

He Told Her the Cold Truth

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When OP told her that the guest of honor had left hours before when his wife took over the shower, she just glared at him.

He told her he thought they should have left earlier.

She Bit Back

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To that, OP’s wife asked him if he was her husband, or the pregnant lady’s husband.

He didn’t know how to answer that bit of misplaced sarcasm, and they drove home in silence.

She Didn’t Want to Talk

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OP told his wife he wanted to talk through the incident the next morning, but she left the house without saying a word.

He Still Thinks She Was Wrong

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OP doesn’t want his wife to be upset with him, but he thinks she was way out of line and made a spectacle of the other woman’s baby shower.

Redditors were blown away by this story and can’t believe how rude and self-centered OP’s wife was to totally push another woman out of her own shower.

Many of them think she should have never gone in the first place, given that she was already emotional.

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