He Tells His Colleagues He’s Going on Holiday and Never Returns to Work

Lying colleagues exist in every workplace. However, it isn’t often that colleagues lie about going on holiday and then never return back to work.

When people are fired, the information is often made aware to other colleagues so that they know what is happening. That way, when someone leaves, their coworkers know they are not coming back.

But something strange happened in this case. A colleague was fired and he told his coworkers he was going on holiday.

A Small Company

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TikToker Kat (@mamarockakitty) shares a work drama story regarding her husband’s workplace.

Kat finds the story so interesting and ridiculous, she feels the need to share it herself in a video for everyone to watch.

Kat’s husband is a parts manager at a small car dealership. This company doesn’t have a lot of employees. The team consists of a general manager, a sales manager, a parts manager, and a service manager.

The Manager Goes on Vacation

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The general manager said she was going on vacation for 11 days. Then, quite suddenly, a random guy approached the sales manager at her husband’s work and said he was there to start his new job.

The sales manager had no knowledge of someone new starting, so he was taken aback and surprised. 

A New Colleague With No Explanation

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The sales manager then texted his general manager to ask who this guy is and what to do with him. She replied and told him to get him “set up with his job,” and didn’t give any more details. 

Although he didn’t quite know what to do, he managed to get the new guy up to speed. The team assumed that this guy was there to step in and help while the general manager was on vacation. 

It Is a Long-Term Fix

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Yet, after the new guy approached Kat’s husband and asked for work clothes, the team understood that he wasn’t there for a short-term fix.

The size shirt the guy requested would take a month to be delivered, which would overrun when the general manager comes back from her vacation.

The situation got even more strange, and the team started questioning if this guy was a replacement for the general manager as opposed to short-term help.

He Suggests He Is Replacing an Existing Colleague

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Soon after the team questions his role at the company, the guy starts to suggest he will be the new sales manager.

He even says this to the sales manager’s face, who has worked at the company for 15 years.

They discover that this guy has been sent from another company, which is under the same company as Kat’s husband.

So they then start wondering if he has been sent there to find his feet until they find a suitable role for him.

Nobody Knows Why He Is There

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It seems the team has many questions going around in their heads while this guy continues to work with them.

They have no idea who he is, why he is there, or what role he should be fulfilling. 

He Questions His Role

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The sales manager starts to question whether he will be fired or if something will happen to him, even though he hasn’t done anything wrong.

He Looks for a New Job

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He feels forced out and confused, so he starts to look for a new job. 

The Team Are Stuck for What to Do

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Even after a week of this new guy being at the company, nobody has any idea what to do or what to think.

The general manager hasn’t returned from vacation, and the new guy is continuing to insist he is the new sales manager.

All of the confusion means that no one feels comfortable in their workplace anymore, and the team starts to question whether they want to remain at the company.

This entire situation is strange, and it seems nobody at the company knows what to do.

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