He Spies on His Wife and Son Every Morning Through the Nursery Camera

A fed-up dad divided Redditors when he revealed that he checked up on his toddler son every morning at 8 am from work. His wife isn’t too happy about his meddling since she’s a stay-at-home mom. Here is the full story.

He Keeps Them Hopping

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OP and his wife have a 20-month old son who is pretty active and definitely in the toddler phase.

He’s Completely Swamped

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OP works a demanding job that has him away from home six days a week, and he’s almost always on the clock for 12 hours at a time.

It’s the Deal They Made

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Meanwhile, OP’s wife is a stay-at-home mom.

That’s what they both wanted, and OP is happy to work long hours to support the family and let his son and wife be at home together.

They Have a Routine

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And OP’s son is pretty easy, especially when it comes to his sleep routine.

Every night, the boy and OP clean up toys and read a story, then the boy goes right to sleep.

He Sleeps Like a Champ

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He stays asleep, too, as OP says the boy usually sleeps at least 12 hours without ever waking up.

Dad Checks in Every Morning

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OP knows that his son’s normal wakeup time is about 8 am, and he gets up on his own.

Just to make sure he’s not waking the boy up, though, OP waits until 9 each morning and then checks in remotely through their nursery camera.

He’s Alone in the Dark

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Almost always, OP’s son is awake and alert by then.

He’s usually just standing there and waiting for his mom to come get him.

No One Is Watching Him

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Some mornings, though, OP isn’t able to check in until almost 10 because of whatever’s going on at work.

And that’s where the problem comes in, because even at that late hour, he finds his boy alone in the crib.

Dad Tries to Soothe Him

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Whenever OP finds his son alone like this, he turns on the camera light and talks to his son remotely.

The boy usually smiles and laughs.

He Has Trouble Waking Her Up

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Then OP disconnects from the app and calls his wife to let her know their son is awake.

It often takes several calls before he gets her to wake up.

She Had a Plan

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It all came to a head one day after OP called to wake up his wife.

He asked her about what she had planned for the day, and she said she was going to make breakfast, then get their son out of his crib.

But He Had a Different Idea

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OP didn’t like that idea since it was already late.

So he asked his wife to pick up the boy first and take him with her while she made breakfast.

She Was Tired of His Meddling

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That set off OP’s wife, and she told him she was sick and tired of him second-guessing the way she took care of their son all day long.

He Was Spying on Her

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She also accused OP of spying on her with the nursery cam and said he needed to stop checking in every morning.

It was controlling and completely out of line.

She Didn’t Need His Help

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OP’s wife finished up by saying that she had her routine down pat, and it worked fine for her and their son.

Her Routine Was Terrible

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OP fired back, saying that her routine was terrible for their son because it left him alone so long in the mornings.

Is He Making Things Worse?

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Now, OP and his wife are at odds and hardly speaking.

He still thinks his wife is mistreating their son, but he wonders if checking in every day is only making things worse.

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Redditors are divided about this story.

Some of them think OP is overbearing, controlling, and even creepy for spying on his kid and wife every morning.

They suspect that he’s trying to control them in other ways, too.

But others think OP is just watching out for his son.

They agree with him that his son is being neglected and probably needs a diaper change, not to mention some companionship from his mother.

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