He Said She Couldn’t Touch His Hair, but She Never Stopped Trying

A young man recently stirred up Reddit with his story about a coworker who repeatedly tried to touch his afro. She just wouldn’t take no for an answer! Here’s how it all played out.

He Could Finally Grow Out His Hair

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OP is a 20-year-old man who recently moved out of his mother’s home.

That gave him the freedom to finally grow out his afro, which his mom always objected to.

She Wants to Touch It

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Over the past month or so, OP’s 36-year-old coworker has been asking to play with his hair.

She wants to touch it because it looks “so fluffy.”

He Wants Her to Keep Away

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But OP has always been uncomfortable with anyone touching his hair or invading his personal space in general.

So he has repeatedly told his coworker that she can’t touch his hair.

She Thinks He’s Overreacting

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Despite his objections, OP’s coworker has continued to ask him if she can touch his hair.

She often questions his reasons for being so standoffish and says she doesn’t see what the big deal is.

What Came Next Shocked Him

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The incidents escalated over the weeks until OP felt like he was constantly on the defensive.

Then he was shocked when his dad wanted to talk to him about his hair.

Dad Stepped In

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OP’s father works at the same company, and it seems the female coworker texted dad about wanting to touch his son’s hair.

OP’s dad, in turn, told his son that he should just let the woman touch his hair.

She Did What She Wanted

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Then, after his conversation with his dad, OP was waiting for his shift to end one night when the woman came up behind him and touched his hair just like he had told her not to so many times.

He Stayed Calm

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But OP kept his cool and just told the woman once again that he doesn’t let people touch his hair and that he’s uncomfortable having his personal space invaded.

She Had Some Choice Words

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Within just a few days, the woman approached OP yet again and asked to touch his hair.

When he said no, as always, she called him an a-hole under her breath.

He Was Done

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OP doesn’t like confrontation and really didn’t want to make a big deal about the situation, but his coworker just wouldn’t let up. He had reached his breaking point.

He Needed Backup

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So that’s when OP took to Reddit to ask for opinions on whether he should report his coworker to HR.

They Thought He Should Report Her

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The response was pretty overwhelming, with most Redditors encouraging OP to go to HR with his concerns. That’s exactly what he did.

There Was No Resolution

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In a follow-up, OP said that HR did take his complaint, but never followed up with him after the fact.

His only consolation is that the offending coworker was eventually transferred to another department.

He Got Some Space

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That change means OP no longer has to see the woman at work, so he doesn’t have to worry about her trying to touch his hair, at least most of the time.

It May Not Be Over

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But OP still works in the same company, and so does the woman who wants to touch his hair. So there is still the chance he’ll run into her again.

All through the ordeal, Reddit commenters have been overwhelmingly supportive of OP’s stance.

They say he had every right to deny his coworker’s request to touch his hair.

They say the woman should have respected his wishes and his personal space rather than continuing to pressure him into letting her touch him.

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