He Offered to Cook for His Rommates, but They Looked a Gift Horse in the Mouth and Ruined the Whole Thing

Several months ago, our culinary king, OP, entered an unforeseen cooking challenge when his charitable act of preparing daily meals sparked a relentless dietary debate with his finicky roommates. It turns out his roommates put picky eaters to shame, and their list of kitchen no-nos has to be seen to be believed. But what would you do if you were asked to cook for roommates like this?

The Communal Culinary Compact

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To promote harmony and efficient fridge management in their four-member household, OP, a self-proclaimed budget-master and cooking enthusiast, offered up an arrangement that would help everyone out.

He Offered to Cook

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He would shoulder the responsibility of making dinner for all four of them daily, with everyone pitching into a shared food budget.

A Delectable Delight of Diversity

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As an avid cook, OP delighted in whipping up an array of eclectic dishes. Be it Japanese-style ramen, Chinese braised pork over rice, Moroccan curry, shakshuka, or authentic Italian carbonara, the dinner table echoed the diverse culinary escapades of this culinary virtuoso.

An Avalanche of Food Aversions

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But what started as a brilliant idea to save money, fridge space, and sanity quickly turned into an unexpected quagmire.

They Were Picky Eaters

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The roommates started vetoing more and more ingredients, making cooking for them more and more of a hassle.

The Pasta Predicament

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The first volley in the restriction rally – no pasta! Our chef’s Italian dreams were shattered.

No more spaghetti carbonara or fettucine alfredo!

And that wasn’t all – they banned pesto from the dinner table, too.

Spice Strikes

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Saying no to the blend of aromatic spices like curry, rosemary, thyme, and oregano?

An unthinkable blow to our chef’s arsenal.

These are the soul of dishes like Thai curry, roast chicken, and herbed garlic bread.

Banning the Basics

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No provincial herbs or olives meant kissing Mediterranean cuisine goodbye.

Think Greek salads, olive tapenade, and the heart-warming Ratatouille.

Asia Off-Limits

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And a ban on Asian noodles, soy sauce, and oyster sauce meant a massive part of Eastern cuisine vanished overnight.

Ramen, stir-fries, and delicious dumplings were off the menu.

The Nutty Nuisance

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With peanut-based sauces being nixed, OP had to bid farewell to classics like pad thai and chicken satay skewers.

Battling the Beans and the Beast

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And the roommates quickly followed that one up with a veto on chickpeas and lamb.

The dream of a cozy Mediterranean feast – think hummus, falafel, or lamb gyro – was now a distant memory.

Who Says No to Rice??

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Basmati rice was shown the door, and with it went a whole host of Indian cuisine.

The Bans Kept on Coming

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The pork belly, sun-dried tomatoes, and Szechuan pepper/oil ban led to a heartbreaking farewell to crispy pork belly, hearty tomato basil soup, and mouth-watering Kung Pao chicken.

Saying Goodbye to the Sours

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A household without vinegar and balsamic felt incomplete. OP suddenly found himself unable to serve the likes of pickles, marinated vegetables, kimchi, or even a classic balsamic glazed steak.

Ocean’s Out, Seeds Shunned and Sweet Surrender

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The last nail in the culinary coffin was the elimination of shrimp, fennel, garam masala – an essential spice in Indian cuisine – sugar, and a call for low salt.

Shrimp pasta, fennel salad, spicy Indian curries, and any sweet treats were now a no-go.

The Straw That Broke the Chef’s Back

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Every chef has a breaking point, and for OP, it was the ever-increasing, borderline absurd restrictions.

He’d Had Enough

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With an apparent ban on nearly everything in his culinary repertoire, OP decided he’d had enough.

It was back to cooking solely for his husband and himself.

The Silent Supper Stand-off

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Now, the disgruntled roommates miss their daily gourmet meals.

They’ve started dropping not-so-subtle hints, indicating they yearn for OP’s culinary magic back in the kitchen.

But OP is holding his ground.

He Refuses to Cook for Them Any More

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With a move to a new house in sight, OP is determined to stick to his culinary guns, brushing off the roommates’ covert pleas.

His kitchen, once a hub of unity and shared meals, has become a stage for a food-centric feud.

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