He Manipulated the System to Benefit Himself and Students for Years to Come. And He Forced His Nightmare Professor to Change for the Better

Education is important and something that we should prioritize. But what happens when your teacher is the enemy of learning? That’s the situation our story protagonist found himself in during his degree! Luckily he had a foolproof plan to pass the class and help his classmates at the same time!

He Was Studying for a Degree

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The original poster (OP), a young man pursuing a degree in journalism, was nearing the end of his college journey.

With just a few classes left, one of them happened to be mass communication. This class was taught by a professor he detested – let’s call her Jen.

She Was a Nightmare

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Jen was a long-time media professional who believed that regaling students with anecdotes about her experiences in radio was the best way to teach.

Her Method of Teaching Was Terrible

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But this came at the expense of actually teaching the material and left the students struggling to grasp the content.

Jen would spend three hours a week bragging about herself, and when asked about the material, she would often go off on tangents about her professional life, even during office hours.

He Was Forced to Be in Her Class Again

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OP had no choice but to endure yet another class with Jen, as it was required.

He signed up for mass communication and braced himself for what was to come.

A Problematic Situation

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Immediately, there was a problem. There was no textbook for the course, no handouts – just Jen and her PowerPoint slides.

The format of the class was simple. Jen would click on the next slide, tell a story about her life, and if the students were lucky, the story would somehow correlate to what was on the slide.

The entire semester had only two graded assignments – a midterm essay and a final exam.

A Cause For Concern

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OP was confident about the midterm essay; he could write 1,000 words about anything.

But the final exam was a cause for concern, as it would test the material that Jen was so casually glossing over in class.

Her Rules Were Going to Be Her Downfall

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Just a week before the final, Jen informed the class about the rules. They could have one sheet of notes, and she would allow them to have a copy of her PowerPoint slides to study from.

He Decided to Test His Luck

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Remembering a story his dad once told him about a student gaming an open-notes test, OP decided to take a bold step.

He Had to Know the Fine Details

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He raised his hand and asked Jen, “Can the notes be front and back?” Jen begrudgingly said that it was fine.

Emboldened, OP continued, “Do they have to be our own notes?” Jen replied with a “no,” stating that students could swap notes together.

OP pressed on, “Handwritten or typed?” Jen, now annoyed, said either was fine. Finally, OP asked, “Are there any formatting restrictions?”

Clearly frustrated, Jen replied with a “no,” and OP thanked her before letting her return to her self-indulgent bragging.

He Knew What He Needed to Do

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OP wasted no time. He requested Jen’s PowerPoint slides, went home, and spent hours copy-pasting every single slide’s worth of text onto a single sheet of paper, using a five-column format with 4pt font size, front and back.

God’s Own Notes

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These became his “god’s own notes,” containing the entire semester’s worth of class material on one page. He printed 30 copies and shared them with his classmates.

She Was Furious

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During the final exams, which were conducted over two weeks for half the class at a time, Jen returned after the first test and held up the exams, asking, “Whose notes are these?”

OP confidently raised his hand. Jen was taken aback and asked, “And you just thought you’d share with thirty of your best friends?”

OP retorted, “Well, you did say that we didn’t have to use our own notes.”

His Legacy Continues

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According to other professors that OP was friends with, Jen’s mass communication class had a 100% pass rate for the first time in years.

But the story didn’t end there. In the next semester, an acquaintance named Laurie approached OP and asked if he still had the “god notes.” OP obliged and sent them to her.

Jen had gotten wise to this and restricted notes to two index cards.

How on Earth Did She Manage This?

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Somehow, Laurie managed to fit the notes onto those two index cards, and once again, the class had a 100% pass rate!

The following semester another student approached OP and asked for the notes.

Jen had said they had to be handwritten, but Ellen had managed to handwrite in 4pt font and duplicate them to the class, resulting in yet another 100% pass rate!

She Learnt Her Lesson

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OP’s “god notes” had caused a ripple effect that even Jen couldn’t control! Jen finally ordered textbooks and rewrote the curriculum for the next semester.

In the last two classes that OP had with her, Jen was careful to stick to the material, and as far as he knew, she never gave out her PowerPoint slides as a study guide again!

What do you think of this guy’s story? His devilishness was the perfect counter to his professor’s unwillingness to teach them!

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