He Hid His Daughter’s College Fund From Her Because She Didn’t Live Up to His Expectations

A self-important dad ruffled feathers on Reddit when he revealed that he and his wife hid her daughter’s college fund from her. This, even though she finished her degree! Here is the full story.

They Raised a Family Together

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OP is a 54-year-old man. He is married to his wife, and together, they have two children – a daughter and a son, both in their early twenties.

They Had High Expectations

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Both OP and his wife are highly educated and expected the same for their children.

OP has a Ph.D., and his wife has a master’s degree.

They Kept It a Secret

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When his children were born, OP’s parents started college funds for each of them and continued to build them over the years.

But OP and his wife didn’t tell the kids about the money.

But They Had a Plan

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That’s because OP figured his kids would go on to graduate school like he and his wife did.

They were saving the money to pay for that extra education.

Until They Didn’t 

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But things didn’t work out quite like OP had planned.

She Was an Oddball to Them  

For starters, OP’s daughter was always interested in the arts and insisted on going to school to study music and film.

That didn’t set too well with OP and his wife, but they let the girl make her own choices.

She Was on Her Own 

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Luckily, OP’s daughter scored enough scholarships to pay for most of her tuition.

But she had to pay for her own living expenses, which meant learning how to budget and living in a not-so-nice area.

They Covered for Him 

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Meanwhile, OP’s son went into engineering but didn’t land the kind of scholarships his sister did.

So OP and his wife used the son’s education fund to pay for his tuition and get him a nice apartment near campus.

He Needed the Space 

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OP said that because his son’s school work was very intensive, he needed a quiet and spacious area to work on his studies.

They’re All Grown Up 

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Now, OP’s daughter has a job she loves, but one that doesn’t pay all that much.

His son is on the verge of graduating and already has a high-paying job lined up.

It Didn’t Make Sense 

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But when OP’s daughter saw how her brother was living at his school, she asked him how he could afford it.

He told her about the college fund, which confused her and led her to call her parents.

The Cat Was Out of the Bag 

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When she asked why she didn’t have a college fund, OP told his daughter that she did.

But that he and her mother had been saving it to pay for her graduate work.

She Wanted the Money

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OP’s daughter grew quiet and seemed to be hurt by his revelation.

But then she asked if she could have the money now since she wasn’t going to grad school, anyway.

He Said It Wasn’t Hers

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OP told his daughter that there would be penalties for withdrawing the money for non-education purposes.

He also said that anything left over would belong to his parents, not her.

She Was Finished 

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That pretty much ended the conversation. OP’s daughter said she understood and hung up.

She All But Disappeared 

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But ever since then, OP has had trouble getting his daughter on the phone, and she barely even responds to his texts. He knows she’s hurt and upset.

She Could Have the Cash

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After reading some initial comments from Redditors and talking it over with his wife some more, OP texted his daughter.

He said that he would be willing to withdraw the money and give her whatever was left after the penalties.

She Could Do It Herself

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The young woman didn’t seem too enthused by that prospect and told OP he should just give it to her little cousin for school down the line.

She also said she still might go to grad school someday, but that she planned to pay for that herself anyway.

He Doesn’t Know How to Fix It

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OP thinks maybe his daughter is just completely done with his wife and him, and that she turned down the money out of resentment.

He Messed Up Big Time

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He thinks now maybe they messed up big time, and he’s not sure how to go about fixing his relationship with the young woman.

No Sympathy, Here!

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Reddit commenters were pretty merciless with OP and think he and his wife are both huge jerks. 

He’s Being Completely Sexist

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Some accuse him of being sexist, and nearly all of them have a big problem with the way he handled the situation with his daughter.

A few really threw some shade and told OP that between his Ph.D. and his wife’s master’s degree, they should have been smart enough to see how wrong they were.

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