He Had Her Removed From the Guest List, so She Turned the Tables and Did the Same to Him When He Wasn’t Expecting It!

A Redditor recently told their tale of how they got revenge on a promoter who disrespected her. The community loved it, and it’s easy to see why!

She Works in Hospitality

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The original poster (OP) is a woman who works in luxury hospitality and has always been a loyal supporter of Chris’s business and promotions company.

She had even vouched for them on several occasions when an artist was upset with their screw-ups. She had a crush on Chris, but he paid her no attention.

She Vouched for Him

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When Chris messed up with a VIP artist, OP stepped in to fix it with the help of Bobby one of the biggest tour managers in the music industry.

Bobby and OP hit it off and became good friends, with Bobby even offering her guest list access for life!

He Put Her on the Guestlist

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When Chris’s company was organizing a show, Bobby assured OP that she and her friend were on the guest list.

OP had waited to get cheaper tier tickets, so this worked out well for her. She even saw screenshots of her name on the list.

But Chris Didn’t Want Her to Be On It

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But when she arrived at the venue, her name was nowhere to be found. She tried to reach out to Chris or his #2 (her normal point of contact), but no one answered!

She Had to Pay for Tickets and Parking

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OP ended up paying for tickets for her and her friend and $40 for parking! She told Bobby about this the next day, and he was furious.

Dumb and Dumber

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Chris’s #2 later told OP that she was on the list, but they didn’t get it until after she arrived.

When OP told him how much she had to shell out for a night that was supposed to be just for parking, he replied, “We lost money on that show, and you expect your money back?”

Bobby was even more livid when he heard about this and promised to handle “dumb and dumber.”

His Biggest Artist

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The next show that Chris was in charge of was by far the biggest artist in the music genre and was Bobby’s client as well.

Bobby decided to come out and visit OP for a few days before the show.

She Was on VIP List This Time

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He let Chris know that OP and three of her friends were all to be VIP guests, but Chris expressed discomfort with that many people backstage.

Bobby, who was the man in charge of the guestlist for the artist, didn’t give a hoot and insisted that they be allowed in.

They All Went in With the Musician’s Team

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There were no problems getting in this time – OP literally rolled in with the artist’s team. It was a fabulous night.

Bobby sternly talked to Chris about his treatment of OP and told him to treat her like she was one of his artists going forward.

November Brings Revenge

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Fast forward to November, and the same huge music artist was getting ready to have one of his biggest shows ever in another country.

OP thought that now was the perfect time to begin their revenge and convinced Chris to get his passport and come to the country for the show.

He Was Trying to Teach Him a Lesson

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Bobby put him on the most basic guest list with bad tickets, and OP was supposed to get him backstage after he came to say hello and thank you for the guestlist.

Neither Bobby nor OP had heard from Chris since November, but he was suddenly posting on social media about the invite he’d received for this huge show.

Social Media Lies

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He was making it seem like he got the invite because of his stature and success and not because OP secured him an invite!

After OP informed Chris that he wasn’t on the VIP list, he sent OP a sad face once he arrived at the show. She decided to send one back.

All He Had to Do Was Say Thanks

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She messaged Chris and told him to come and find her and say hello. Secretly she even had backstage passes for him and his friends, but didn’t tell him.

She wanted to see if he’d come and say thanks for the tickets and if he did, she’d give him them as a present. But he never came to say hi to her or Bobby. He didn’t even say thank you for getting him in for free, and he left early!

She ends her post by saying, “I should offer him some water; I think he’s a little salty!”

Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street

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Chris’s behavior only reinforces the fact that loyalty is a two-way street. She had been loyal to his business for years, but he had not shown the same loyalty in return.

Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands to ensure you get what you deserve.

Karma Hurts

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Karma is a bitter pill to swallow, and it looks like Chris got what he deserved for not treating OP with the respect she deserved. Maybe he’ll think twice next time before messing with the wrong person.

What do you think about her story? She’d shown Chris loyalty for years, and he just threw it back in her face, so was she right to seek revenge?

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