He Finally Got His Own Back on a Nightmare Customer Who Had Been Torturing Him for Years!

A recent Reddit thread saw an ex-barista telling the tale of his glorious last day at work, where he finally got his own back on a nightmare customer!

A Rotten Regular

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Back in the day, the original poster (OP) was a Starbucks barista. He used to have a regular customer that rubbed him the wrong way.

The Most Awkward Order Ever

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This one lady (P) would show up every morning like clockwork, ordering a double-tall vanilla latte with precisely 3/8th of a pump of vanilla – not half a pump, not a quarter, but 3/8th of a pump.

And to make matters even more complicated, she made one of the baristas mark the bottle pump with a sharpie to ensure the accuracy of her order!

She Was Never Pleased

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Now, every day without fail, the first drink they would make for her, no matter who was working, was always wrong. Either too sweet or not sweet enough.

She Abused Their Policy

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Starbucks has a policy where if your drink is not how you like it, they’ll remake it.

Well, Portia certainly got her fair use out of this!

But This Barista Soon Got Tired of Her

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After a while, OP got tired of the whole thing and started faking making her a new drink.

They would pull the steam wand, wave their hands around, and then hand her back the same drink from earlier.

A Miracle!

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And, lo and behold, every time, it worked.

The drink magically became perfect the second time, even though it was the exact same drink!

Twice on His Last Day

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As fate would have it, Portia decided to show up twice in one day on OP’s last day of work. And boy, was she being obnoxious!

She was loudly talking away on her phone about “deals” and “her assistant,” essentially announcing her importance to everyone in the room – as if the whole world cared!

The Store Was So Loud

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It was already 3:00 PM in the spring, and the place was full of loud teenagers ordering Frappuccinos.

Both blenders were going full tilt, and both steam wands were hissing away – it was as loud as a sawmill!

As if this noise wasn’t bad enough, Portia suddenly shouts at OP, “GOD, I CAN BARELY HEAR MYSELF THINK!!”

He Couldn’t Help Himself

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Now, OP is not one to take things lying down.

So he fired back with a quick-witted response that left Portia fuming. “Funny, I can still hear you complaining.”

They delivered the line with a snarky little grin that screamed, “Gotcha.”

He Had to Spill the Beans

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Then the OP decided to spill the beans and told her that they’d been giving her back the same drink every morning for over a year.

They even explained, “Kinda embarrassing now that you know, right? 3/8th is half a pump for all intents and purposes here, ma’am.”

And that’s when things really went south.

She Was Furious!

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Portia was not pleased. In fact, she was livid.

She started loudly demanding that OP’s manager fire them on the spot, or else she’d call corporate, and they’d lose her business!

She Had to Talk to the Manager!

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OP despised their manager. He was the opposite of a “spirit of the rules/law” kind of person, and enjoyed making their lives more complicated than necessary.

But OP also knew that firing him would look bad on his manager’s quarterly review, so he wouldn’t do it.

He Couldn’t Do Anything

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Instead, the manager told the regular that it was OP’s last day and offered her the next best thing: to send OP home early.

But since the store was so busy, this was more of a reward than a punishment!

So She Wasted the Rest of Her Day Trying to Reach Someone That Could!

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Portia spent the next two hours standing outside the store, on hold with Starbucks corporate.

When she finally got through, corporate either accidentally hung up on her or told her to take a hike – OP doesn’t know which, but he does know what happened next!

A Very Adult Response…

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This woman did what any self-respecting adult would do: she threw her glasses, called OP a swear in front of many teenagers, and ran to her car!

His Regrets?

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Does OP regret anything? Only that P’s husband had to deal with her foul mood that evening!

He jokingly apologizes to her husband, saying, “So sorry for that night, bro; totally my fault.”

In the end, Portia was offered a gift card as compensation for OP’s mistreatment of her.

But as she acted so embarrassingly in the store, the gift card doesn’t seem to be of that much value!

Retail Is a Challenging Sector

Image Credit: Shutterstock / RomarioIen

Working in retail can be challenging, especially when dealing with nightmare customers. From entitled individuals to rude and abusive behavior, these demanding customers are unfortunately all too common.

The impact they can have on the day of a retail worker is awful, and they can be a lot of pressure to deal with!

Reddit users loved this guy’s story of petty revenge. One user said, “You are my hero for telling her about handing her the same drink back. She absolutely knew it was true when you told her.”

What do you think about this story? Was this barista in the wrong for taking advantage of his last day at work to insult a nightmare customer? After all, the customer is always right!

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