He Didn’t Believe in COVID-19, but It Killed Him Anyway

OP’s father-in-law was a staunch COVID naysayer. He ridiculed anyone who took the pandemic seriously, branding mask-wearers as idiot sheep. He even filmed himself mockingly coughing on a Subway employee and gleefully texted the video to several people. But when he died of the very same disease he made fun of, it wasn’t the end of the drama…

Subway Stunt Sparks Outrage

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When OP confronted him about the Subway video, he laughed it off!

He even had the audacity to post it on OP’s Facebook wall. OP, a medical worker, had seen the fatal reality of COVID and didn’t find his antics amusing, to say the least.

A Family Firestorm

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OP’s absence from Facebook meant she didn’t see the post until her sisters started calling.

The shared video upset many family members and ignited a heated response from his relatives.

A Shocking Twist

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In an ironic twist of fate, the father-in-law himself contracted COVID and passed away.

Although OP was sorry for her husband’s loss, she wasn’t overly heartbroken given the father-in-law’s irresponsible behavior.

The Blame Game Begins

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In an unexpected turn, OP’s mother-in-law blamed OP for the video’s dissemination and his subsequent death.

She believed OP posted the video on the internet, causing the family to turn against him, and thus leading to his emotional downfall and subsequent death.

A Misguided Accusation

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Despite OP and her husband explaining that it was her father-in-law who posted the video, the mother-in-law remained convinced that OP was at fault.

She even publicly denounced OP on Facebook, claiming OP formed an army to bully her husband!

They Pushed Back

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Her public accusations were met with corrections from other family members, who confirmed that the father-in-law himself had posted the video.

Despite this, the mother-in-law steadfastly stuck to her belief that OP was the villain in this saga.

She Reached the End of Her Rope

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Although OP understood that her mother-in-law was grieving, she found it hard to deal with her wild accusations.

She ultimately decided to cut ties with her for good.

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