He Devastated His Wife by Telling Her She Was “So Close” to Landing Her Dream Job

A frustrated husband riled up Redditors after he lashed out at his hypercritical wife and made her swallow her own medicine. Turns out, she didn’t like the taste very much. Here is the full story.

He Has One Problem With Her

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OP is a 33-year-old man who is married to a 27-year-old woman.

He loves her, and they get along well for the most part, but there is one catch.

She Knows It All

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OP’s wife is super critical of everyone about almost everything.

She thinks she knows the right way everything should be done, and she’s not shy about letting him know.

He Copes With It

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OP and his wife have talked about the issue, and she admits she can be a control freak. But she just can’t seem to stop, and OP  usually grits his teeth and lives with it.

She Has a Slogan

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One part about his wife’s controlling nature that does get under OP’s skin is that she actually has a catch phrase to let him know she’s criticizing him.

He Knows When He’s Been Had 

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In particular, whenever OP’s wife wants him to change something he’s done, she’ll start out with “so close.”

He’s Always “So Close”  

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So if OP hangs a picture on the wall, his wife might tell him he was “so close” to getting it in just the right spot.

Then she’ll say he should move it this way or that way.

She Grades His Work

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She’ll drop that little word bomb in just about any context when she wants to subtly cut her husband down.

She even tells OP he was “so close” to getting his work presentations right, ignoring the fact that he has a master’s in his field and she doesn’t know much about it.

She Was Looking For Work

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Recently, OP’s wife had been looking for a job in her own field.

She has a very specific specialty in a small niche, so good openings don’t come along very often.

She Knew Her Enemy 

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OP’s wife was able to find a great opportunity in the city where they live, and she progressed through the interviews well.

It finally came down to her and one other candidate, who happened to have been her roommate in college.

She Lost Out 

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After the final round of interviews, OP watched as his wife waited nervously to hear back from the employer.

Then one day, she got a call from their HR department to let her know she did not get the job.

He Comforted Her But…

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She was devastated and ran to OP for comfort and support.

He put his arms around her and held her close, and then the words just slipped out.

He Couldn’t Resist 

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“You were so close,” OP said to his wife.

She Wanted Clarification 

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She stiffened up and pulled away, then looked in OP’s eyes and asked him what he meant.

He Doubled Down 

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OP wasn’t sure at that point whether he had accidentally used his wife’s catch phrase, or if it was kind of on purpose.

But he decided to seize the chance.

Cut Down With Her Own Words

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So OP clarified that he meant his wife was so close to landing her dream job, but that she was just a bit off.

She Couldn’t Stand the Heat

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With that, OP’s wife stormed out of the house and went to a friend’s house.

After a couple days away she finally texted him to say that he’s annoying.

The Truth Hurts 

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OP sort of agrees with his wife, but he also thinks her reaction is telling.

She didn’t like being told she was “so close” to something any more than he did.

Most Redditors think that OP was justified for turning “so close” on his wife.

They think she is way too controlling and needed to see what it feels like to be on the other end of the abuse.

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Some point out that what OP said wouldn’t have been insulting at all if his wife hadn’t used “so close” as a weapon during their years together.

They think that her reaction is proof that she uses the term as backhanded compliments to make OP feel bad about himself.

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