Her Ex Cheated on Her but They Remained Friends, Then She Tried to Get Him a New Job but Ruined His Life

A Reddit user recently shared a story of love, betrayal, and revenge. It’s an exciting read that got a lot of heat! They titled their post “Cheat on me? Ok… so much for that dream job”.

They’d Just Started Dating

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Our storyteller, a strong-willed and independent woman, was in the early stages of dating her ex-partner Matt.

He is a computer science student who had originally pursued a degree in archaeology, but struggled to find a job in his field.

They Worked Together for a Few Years

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They had both worked together at an answering service and had circled each other for a few years before finally making the physical jump and starting to date.

She Has Some Deal Breakers

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She has always been clear about her relationship dealbreakers, and she does not like to share her partner (although she does respect polyamorous people).

Matt was very aware of this since they had talked about it a lot, and he was around when a previous ex cheated on her.

Her Unbreakable Rule

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He knew that she had an unbreakable relationship rule: “You can do almost anything that you want to, but don’t lie to me. If I find out after that something happened, that is the line you just can’t cross.”

A Weekend Away

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So when Matt told OP that he was going to NYC for the weekend to hang out with some Archaeology friends from school who were visiting from the UK, she didn’t give it a second thought.

But Then He Revealed the Truth

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But when Matt returned, he looked guilty, and when OP asked him about it, he admitted that his “friends” were actually only one friend whom he had cheated on OP with!

OP, hurt and disappointed, reminded Matt that cheating was a dealbreaker for her, but she still agreed to be friends with him since they still had to work together.

To Make It Worse

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Matt then started a long-distance relationship with the UK girl, and he began making a plan to build a life with her.

This, of course, meant he needed to find another job.

But She Was Still His Friend

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At the time, OP’s mom was the VP of Technical Support for a software company with several job openings.

Matt knew OP’s mom well since they had been friends for years, so if he applied, it was almost a guarantee that he would get the job.

She Told Him to Apply

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She knew that one of those positions involved training in the US office and then being sent to the new UK support office the company was trying to open.

She Had Good Intentions

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She suggested that Matt apply at her mom’s employer, but she didn’t divulge that there was a UK plan in place for one of the new employees.

Her thought was that if he got hired, that would be a thing he could push for, but she wanted him to get the job for himself, not for the girl.

But He Neglected to Follow Her Advice

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But in a classic blunder, Matt chose not to apply for the job!

Then, about six months later, he and the UK girl broke up because she cheated on him with someone local!

New Beginning

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At this point, Matt had just finished his degree and decided to forward his resume to OP’s mom. They were still hiring, and he ended up getting the job.

About a week after getting hired, he mentioned to OP’s mom about the UK girl and how he was previously trying to move over there to be with her.

Reality Sets In

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Her mom then replied, “Pity you didn’t apply sooner; we were looking to fill a UK position with someone from here.”

It was at that moment that Matt knew that OP had left out a key piece of information about the posting and that she was trying to help him all along!

They Remained Friends

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OP and Matt were friends for many more years until life took them in different directions, but every drunk night, Matt loved to bring up how she ruined his life and cost him his dream job.

OP’s response was always the same: “Well, you started it when you lied.”

It Was a Funny Story for Her

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While the title of their post makes it seem more vindictive than it actually was, to OP, it was rather funny.

She couldn’t help but find it ironic that Matt blamed her for ruining his dream job when, in reality, he had cheated on her first.

She Did the Right Thing

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It’s easy to see why her story resonated with so many people. It’s a reminder that even when things don’t go our way, we can still keep our sense of humor and our sense of loyalty.

We may not always get what we want, but we can still hold our heads high and know that we did the right thing.

One Reddit user said, “He cheated on you, and THEN he got cheated on by the UK girl. That’s petty revenge #1. You’re a good person for trying to help him, and he chose not to apply… and it turned out to be a UK position. petty revenge #2. I love this story!”

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