He Called Her a Fraud Because She Did Not Make Her Own Cream Cheese

A young woman took to Reddit to ask for opinions after her boss yelled at her for not making her own cream cheese. She took her goodies and ran, but is concerned there will be long-term consequences. Here is the full story.

They’re All Like Her

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OP is a 26-year-old woman who works two full-time jobs. One of those is at a retail store where most of the employees are in her age group.

They Have Something in Common

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The exception is the front managers, a 19-year-old man who OP knows because he went to high school with her little brother.

The younger guy is a baker in his off time, and OP likes to cook, too.

They Like to Talk Shop

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Because of their shared interests, OP and the 19-year-old often spend time at work making idle chatter about their cooking activities.

She is more of a chef, but the young man is fairly accomplished at baking pies, cakes, and other desserts.

The Boss Is Fine With It

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The store manager is a 30-year-old man, and he chimes in on the cooking conversations now and then.

But he’s never told OP to stop wasting time or anything like that.

She Had to Pull Double Duty

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One day, OP mentioned to the young front manager that she was making a pumpkin cheesecake for the coworkers at her other job.

The store manager overheard and guilted her into making one for his employees, too.

It Wasn’t Unusual

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OP noted that other employees at the retail store did sometimes bring food to work to share with their colleagues, too, though OP never ate any of it.

They Were All Excited

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So the next morning, OP brought her cheesecake in, and everyone was excited to get a piece during break. Her brother’s classmate, the front manager, asked her what sort of crust she used  since he knew something about baking.

She Only Cheated a Little

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OP told him that she made it from scratch, but that she used store bought cream cheese.

The young man said that he usually made his own cream cheese but could never get from-scratch crust to turn out right

She Was a Fraud

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The store manager was eavesdropping on their conversation and immediately jumped all over OP.

He said that she was a fraud because she always told everyone that she made her food from scratch.

She Ran for Cover

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He went on to call her lazy and said that she wanted the prestige of baking without doing the actual work.

OP was shocked by this attack and headed to the break room

She Took Her Goodies and Left

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There, OP loaded up her cheesecake in her lunch box with freezer packs and took it to her car.

She Was on Break 

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The boss was screaming at her the whole time, but OP reminded him that she was entitled to two 15-minute breaks during the day.

She took one of them to remove her “fake” cheesecake from the break room.

Everyone Was Mad at Her

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When OP got back to work, her boss was still fuming, and her coworkers were mad at her for pulling the treat out from under them.

She Wanted to Feed Them 

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OP feels bad that there was an incident, and she is sorry she disappointed her coworkers.

They Got Their Just Desserts

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But most of them were nodding in agreement with the boss when he was telling OP that she wasn’t a real baker.

So part of her feels slightly vindicated, too.

At Least She Had One Supporter

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The young front manager thought OP was right, though, because he sometimes uses premade items in his baking, too.

Reddit commenters thought this was a pretty ridiculous situation overall.

Many of them had never even heard of anyone making their own cream cheese. Have you?

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