He Built On His Elderly Neighbor’s Land, But He Ends Up Paying The Price, Big Time

A Reddit user shares their story of how their friend’s dad helped an old couple stand up against a neighbor who was disrespecting their property.

His friend’s dad lived in a small town in Canada, where the land is so steep that residents must build their driveways in zig-zags to ensure their safety.

The dad was friendly with his neighbors, particularly a lovely old couple who lived a few doors down.  They had a previously vacant lot next door to them, on which a new neighbor was now constructing a house. 

This lot was on a steep slope and would need a long zig-zag driveway. 

To save himself money, the new owner built his driveway partly on the elderly couple’s landWithout consulting them, he used an excavator to carve out a massive chunk of their yard. 

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The couple came home to see a path carved out of the hillside, from the road, across the corner of their property, and up to the new neighbor’s house, where an excavator was working.

As upset as they were to see this, the couple were reasonable people and thought this was an honest mistake, so they went to talk to the excavator operator. 

He couldn’t help, but did pass on the number of the new property owner. The couple phoned their new neighbor and politely explained the situation. 

The neighbor, in response, was anything but polite. He denied that the driveway crossed their property line and was so rude to the couple that they got upset.

After double-checking the property pins, the couple knew they were in the right but were willing to negotiate. However, the neighbor refused to budge.

After multiple conversations with him, they knew he wouldn’t come to the table willingly. The couple didn’t want to take legal action as it would have been expensive, but they also felt they couldn’t just sit there and do nothing while this neighbor walked all over them. 

They didn’t know what to do, and construction continued. That is until the arrival of the friend’s dad. He happened to bump into the couple one day in the neighborhood. 

They told him about the business with the new neighbor, and it just didn’t sit right. His friend’s dad couldn’t get it out of his head. That evening he came up with a genius solution. 

He phoned the couple to get their permission, hopped into his old rusty truck, and drove it to their house.  He parked the truck across the encroaching driveway, ensuring it was on the couple’s property, and left a note in the window with his phone number.

The next day the neighbor’s construction crew arrived bright and early to find that they couldn’t drive to the house they were building because a truck was blocking the driveway.

When they contacted the friend’s dad, he explained that he had permission from the owners to park there and would not move his truck. 

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He added that if anyone tried to tow his truck, he would have them charged with trespassing and theft. The construction crew had too many tools to haul up the hill and didn’t want to get into a legal dispute, so they called the new owner to tell him they were taking time off indefinitely unless he resolved the boundary dispute.

The new neighbor called the elderly couple in a rage, but they calmly told him the same thing the friend’s dad said to the construction crew – it was their property, and the truck was not going to move. This forced his hand.

After ranting for a while, he eventually gave in and gave the lovely old couple a significant sum of money in exchange for an easement for the driveway. 

The friend’s dad got several cases of beer for his troubles and the satisfaction that he’d put a disrespectful, rude man in his place!

Reddit users loved this story of revenge. One said, “r/LegalAdvice would say to get a real estate lawyer and that if any trees were cut down to make the new driveway the old couple could have made an even bigger cheque.” 

Another Redditor said, “Why are people rude to their neighbors? They live right next to you!”

Did the hero neighbor do the right thing by blocking the driveway? Should he have left it to the courts to sort out, perhaps they would have got more money. What would you have done? 

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