He Blew up at His Wife for Teasing Their Infant Daughter Because She Looked Like Him

A fed-up husband stirred up Redditors after he jumped all over his wife for talking about their 3-week-old daughters’ looks. Let’s just say she wasn’t exactly bragging about the baby. Here’s the full story.

They’re a Growing Family

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OP is a young father whose wife recently gave birth to their second child, a daughter. They have a son who is a few years older.

He’s Adorable, Just Like Her

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OP admits that his son is cute as a button, and it’s because he takes after his mother.

In fact, OP says his son’s baby pictures are almost identical to his wife’s from the same age.

But She Looks Like Dad

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But their daughter looks more like OP’s side of the family, at least at this early age.

She has his widow’s peak and thin lips, and her nose even has a bit of a hook to it.

She Noticed Right Away 

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None of that has gone unnoticed by OP’s wife, who has been commenting on the baby’s looks almost since the moment she was born.

He Knows She’s Not Feeling Great

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OP’s wife was diagnosed with anxiety and depression right before the pregnancy, and he thinks postpartum has played into her criticism of their daughter.

He Tries to Ignore It

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So, most of the time, OP has just tried to swallow his disappointment about his wife’s comments, or change the subject.

She’s Sorry the Baby Is Ugly 

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But it’s been getting harder and harder for OP to ignore the jabs. His wife tells their baby she’s sorry she got her dad’s features and compares her to her brother.

She Promised Her a Nose Job

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OP’s wife has even promised the baby a nose job when she’s old enough.

OP knows the little girl can’t understand what her mom is saying, but he hates that it’s even a thought in their family.

He Had Enough 

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Recently, OP tried his usual tactic of telling his wife to chill out or be nice when she started up on the baby again.

But when she kept right on, OP finally snapped.

She Was Tearing Down Their Child

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OP told his wife that she was way out of line and should never degrade their child like that.

What’s more, their son could hear all of the mean comments, and OP was afraid he’d pick up the habit, too.

She Was Calling Him Ugly, Too

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What’s more, OP said that his wife never even considered his feelings.

After all, she was telling her daughter she wasn’t beautiful because she looked like OP himself.

It Happened to Her

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And OP also pointed out that his wife was always complaining about how her own mother had caused her emotional damage with comments about her appearance growing up.

She Should Know Better

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How could she now turn around and do the exact same thing to their newborn baby girl, OP wanted to know.

He Hurt Her Feelings

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OP could see that his wife was very hurt by his comments, and she stopped talking to him afterward.

They’re Not Talking

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But OP was angry, too, and he didn’t really try to strike up another conversation, either.

So now, they’ve pretty much fallen into silence.

She Has a Past

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OP knows that his wife’s comments at least partially come from her depression and the pain her own mother caused her.

He Lost His Cool

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And OP also doesn’t think yelling about problems helps anything, but he just lost his cool.

He’s really sorry it all went down the way it did.

He Had to Protect Her

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But OP still feels like he needed to put his foot down to protect his baby daughter.

Redditors are overwhelmingly supportive of OP in this situation. They think that his wife was way out of line.

There’s No Excuse

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Some say that postpartum depression is not an excuse for cutting down her own child, while others urge OP to get in touch with his wife’s therapist.

Many express sadness for the struggles OP and his wife have ahead of them.

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