He Arrested His Own Boyfriend’s Mother, and It Was Karmic Justice

It was an ordinary for OP. He was starting his morning shift as a police officer, just as he always would, when he was met with an unusual turn of events. He stepped out of the police station with his work partner for the day when he was unexpectedly approached by his boyfriend’s mother! 

They Don’t Get Along

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OP chose to ignore her attempts to catch his attention, heading straight to the patrol car.

He had quite the history with this woman! She hated him because he was gay, and she’d caused trouble before that had forced him to come out of the closet to his superior officer.

Ignored, Infuriated, and Insane

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This disregard didn’t sit well with this witch!

She threw a rock at the patrol car’s windshield!

He Chased Her Down

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Then, she took off running. It seems like she didn’t have any appetite for getting arrested, after all!

OP and his partner gave chase, and OP finally managed to catch up with her at a nearby park.

It was then that the theatrics commenced.

Screaming Scandal

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She put up a loud and public fight against her arrest.

She wailed, yelled for help, and accused OP of impersonating an officer and attempted kidnapping!

Her theatrics drew the attention of everyone in the park, transforming a straightforward arrest into a spectacle of the ages.

The Battle Rages On

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The struggle didn’t conclude with the handcuffs, either! She fought vehemently against getting into the patrol car.

Quite a lot of bruises later, they finally managed to secure her in the vehicle and began their journey back to the station.

The Station Showdown

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At the station, she escalated her accusations against OP, alleging abuse of power and excessive force.

But it was easy to reveal her lies. All he had to do was show his body cam footage to his captain.

Her lies couldn’t hold up to the truth!

The Outrageous Accusations

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The captain tried to explain to her that she was clearly resisting arrest in the footage, but she wasn’t done being crazy.

As if to prove she could always sink to new lows, she said, “I take no orders from f**s.” Her voice was absolutely dripping with poison!

Facing the Consequences

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There was no escaping it. The woman was charged with vandalism, resisting arrest, fleeing from the police, and assaulting an officer.

But that still wasn’t the end of it.

The Crazy Stunt She Pulled

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Just as they thought the drama had concluded, she claimed that she was ill!

They all rolled their eyes because it was obvious she was lying. But they still called an ambulance, just in case.

The paramedics declared she was in perfect health.

The Circus Comes to an End

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The captain was obviously annoyed as heck, “Ma’am, is the circus over or are you going to give us more nonsense?”

And she still wasn’t finished, because the next words out of her mouth? “Are you gay too?”

The Final Act

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Even in her last moments before heading to jail, she tried to get her son – OP’s boyfriend – to pay her bail.

He declined.

Karmic Justice

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It was a stunning story, and it just goes to show that karmic justice comes for us all.

OP is sure to have gotten a lot of satisfaction out of booking the homophobic future mother-in-law that made is life so difficult!

And at the end of the day, don’t throw rocks at cops – especially not if you’re already right outside of the police station.

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