After Everything He Had Done for Them, This Guy’s Had Enough of His Bratty Nieces!

This weekend, an irate uncle took to social media to gripe about his ungrateful nieces! He needed to vent somewhere, and readers loved listening to his story!

A Heart of Gold

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This guy (OP) has a heart of gold and two bratty nieces. One is 18 years old, and the other is eight years old.

He loves both of them dearly and always tries to make them feel special.

She Cared for Him

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Their parents are not well-off, and their mother was a big support system for this man when he was growing up.

He has a close relationship with her and his cousin, the niece’s dad.

He’s Experienced Poverty

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OP grew up in poverty and knows what it’s like to be poor, so it’s not surprising that he wants to give back to this woman’s family and shower his nieces with love and affection.

In the past two years, he has gone out of his way to get them both amazing birthday gifts worth more than anything he has ever received.

He’s Been Spending a Lot of Money on Them

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The 18-year-old got a limited edition Chanel perfume and Air Jordans because she plays basketball for her school, while the 8-year-old got a bike and a blank check at a toy store.

He Wants Them to Feel Loved

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OP always tries to make his nieces feel special and loved, even when he is not giving them gifts. He lives just a block away from them and often buys them treats or chocolates when he sees them.

He Always Looks Out for His Nieces

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He also tries to be a good uncle by helping them with their studies and playing with them. However, despite his efforts, his nieces are very rude to him!

He has always attributed it to the bad blood between their families (his and his cousin’s parents), but he knows that adults shouldn’t punish children for things they had no part in!

A Sad Happening

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One day, OP was at their place when the nieces got into a fight.

He tried to break it up, but the younger one yelled at him in a rage.

Donkey Jordans

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That’s when the 8-year-old said something that shattered his heart.

She yelled that her sister thought the gifts he gave her were cheap, and the Air Jordans “looked like they’re made for donkeys!”

He Was Devastated

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This hurt OP. He couldn’t believe that his nieces still acted like brats after all the effort he put in.

His sister-in-law walked in just as her kid shouted that, and she could tell that her child’s words had hurt him. She could see it on his face.

She Said What?!

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A few days later, the younger niece came over to OP’s place, and when he asked if she liked the gifts he had gotten her, she responded with, “What gifts?”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She said this while sitting on the bike he had bought her just a few weeks before!

It was then that he realized that his nieces didn’t appreciate him at all.

They’d Been Taking Him for Granted

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OP was upset and felt like the kids had taken him for granted. He had tried so hard to make his nieces happy, but they didn’t appreciate anything he did for them.

He knew that he had to do something to show them that their behavior was unacceptable.

The Next Gift

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So, what’s OP going to do about it? Well, he’s decided that the nieces are getting socks for their birthdays this year. Yes, socks! And it’s not just any socks – they are going to be the best socks money can buy.

They Won’t Be Happy

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He knew that they wouldn’t be happy with this, but he wanted to make a point. He knows that he has done his best to be a good uncle, and it’s time they learn to appreciate him.

His Past Gifts Were Amazing

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The gifts he had given them in the past were things they had wanted and picked out themselves.

Last time he had taken them to the store and let them choose whatever they wanted, and included a trip to a theme park and ice cream afterward!

But the Kids Don’t Appreciate Them

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But all of this had seemingly been forgotten by the kids, he had gone out of his way to make them happy, but they had shown him nothing but disrespect.

So this was his way of getting even – and it would cost him a whole lot less!

He Knows What He Needs to Do

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He’s never forced himself into their lives. Their grandmother, who is his dad’s sister, lives with them and loves having him over. But he admits that maybe he has been trying too hard to be accepted by his nieces.

Perhaps it’s time for him to take a step back and let them come to him.

OP’s nieces may not realize it now, but they’re missing out on having a great uncle who is willing to go above and beyond for them.

Hopefully, they’ll come to their senses and appreciate the effort he has put into their relationship before it gets too late!

What do you think about this story? Is this uncle being too harsh on his nieces, or are they in the wrong?

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