His Dad Needed a Place to Stay, but His Girlfriend Refused to Give Up Her Room in Their Apartment

A Redditor’s question went viral recently when he asked if he was in the wrong for kicking his girlfriend out of her room in his apartment so that his dad could sleep in it.

A Visit From His Dad

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This guy has been looking forward to his father’s visit for weeks. It had been months since they had seen each other, and he couldn’t wait to catch up with his dad.

However, as soon as his father arrived, he realized there was a problem.

His Apartment Was Cramped

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The apartment he shared with his girlfriend was already quite cramped, with his girlfriend and himself living in one room in a two-bedroom apartment.

His girlfriend had made the second room her personal “woman cave.”

His Girlfriend Lived There Rent-Free

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She spent most of her time there, and she preferred to sleep in that room most nights.

She didn’t pay rent, as the original poster (OP) wanted her to save money to help her family with financial issues. 

She Preferred to Sleep in Comfort

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OP’s girlfriend didn’t mind sleeping with him at all; if he asked her, she would sleep with him. 

She preferred sleeping alone because she could do whatever she wanted without disturbing him. She always slept with the TV on, and that bothered him. She also hated his snoring.

There Was No Room for His Dad

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Unfortunately, this setup left his dad with no place to sleep but the couch in the living room.

Being 70 years old, this wasn’t a viable option for the old man and caused him severe back pain. 

The Sofa Was Not a Good Place for him

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Plus, it was inconvenient for OP and his girlfriend, since they couldn’t watch TV late at night without disturbing his dad.

He Asked His Girlfriend if She’d Share Her Bedroom

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So, when he realized that his father needed a proper place to sleep, he decided to take matters into his own hands and asked his girlfriend if his dad could sleep in her room for a few days. 

He Thought It Was a Reasonable Request

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It seemed like a reasonable request since his dad was only staying for three more days. However, his girlfriend was not having it! 

But It Was an Invasion of Her Personal Space

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She didn’t want to give up her personal space and insisted that OP give his dad his bed and he should sleep on the couch or in her room instead.

But her bed was too small for OP to sleep in, and he needed a proper place to sleep – there was no way he was going to sleep on the sofa in his own apartment when there was a perfectly good bed available.

He Wasn’t Happy

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He got upset because he felt like she wasn’t being reasonable. After all, she doesn’t pay rent, and this is his apartment.

His girlfriend still refused and said that he should have planned better for his dad’s visit. She even went as far as to suggest that he should have booked his dad a hotel room.

She called him selfish and made it seem like he was the one being unreasonable.

He Finally Got His Way

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Eventually, OP got her to let his dad stay in her room, but now she keeps bringing it up and making him feel guilty about it.

She’s acting like he did something terrible when all he was trying to do was help his dad out.

He Doesn’t Get It

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OP can’t understand why she was being so difficult. He had only asked her to let his father stay in her room for a few nights.

He feels that she was being selfish, and it’s started causing tension in their relationship.

The main issue here was that OP’s girlfriend didn’t want his dad in her room at all. She felt like it was an invasion of her privacy; after all, it was her room.

He Can’t See It From Her Perspective

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OP tried to understand why his girlfriend felt this way, but she couldn’t give him a clear answer. It was frustrating for him because he couldn’t find a solution that would make everyone happy.

Who Isn’t Though?!

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This situation revealed something about his girlfriend that he didn’t know before.

She seemed to be very possessive of her personal space and didn’t want anyone else invading it.

But, at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel like she was being unreasonable. After all, this was his dad; he just wanted to provide him with a comfortable place to sleep.

The Elephant in the Room

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In this story, there’s an obvious elephant in the room – that his girlfriend doesn’t pay rent.

This is a sensitive subject, and it’s clear that he is starting to feel resentful about it. 

If he wants his girlfriend to contribute to the rent, he needs to have an honest conversation about it.

But he shouldn’t use it as he does in this story to justify his actions. 

He’s Playing Power Games

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It comes across as a way for him to play power games – you can’t offer someone a room in your house rent-free and then take it away without notice whenever it’s inconvenient for you! It’s not fair to them.

All in all, this was a tough situation, but hopefully, this guy has learned something from it. Reddit users thought both he and his girlfriend were in the wrong in this story.

What do you think about this living arrangement? He invited her to move in rent-free, so should she be treated with the same respect as any other tenant would be?

Should he have just given up his bed for his dad?

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