A Gay Man’s Sister Converted to Islam, and Now She Can’t Stand Queer People. Has She Gone Too Far?

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared a poignant tale of grappling with strained ties with his sibling, marked by a tumultuous history and the ever-changing influence of religious beliefs. Here’s the full story.

A Strained Relationship

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OP shared the origins of his strained relationship with his sibling, tracing it back to their early years, which were characterized by difficult circumstances.

The Religious Journey

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However, as time progressed, the reasons behind their strained relationship evolved, making way for a new and pressing issue – the sibling’s erratic religious journey.

Religious Identify Shifts

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Over the span of seven years, OP’s sibling constantly changed her religious affiliation, ranging from Catholicism and Judaism to Islam, getting a protestant baptism, Paganism, and finally Islam once again.

He Identified as Queer

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This shifting spiritual landscape intertwined with OP’s own identity as a queer individual, adding another layer of complexity.

She Became Queerphobic

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The problem is that whenever OPs sister goes through one of her Catholic or Muslim phases, she becomes extremely queerphobic.

She Says Her Religion Was the Reason

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OP shared that he has seen how she’s talked about his trans friends during these episodes and intentionally refers to them as their birth sex because it’s just “her religious beliefs.”

Is It a Phase?

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But, whenever she falls out of the phase, she says, “I know, it was a phase, it was bad and I shouldn’t have done that! I was trying to fit in.”

He Had Enough and Confronted Her

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Faced with her intolerance during certain phases, OP decided to assert his boundaries and offered a stern warning – if the queerphobic behavior resurfaces, it will have consequences.

Stop Judging Me

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However, since she’s actively going into her phase again, she always says, “Stop judging my opinions!”, “Stop judging my thoughts!”

The Mental Health Problem

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In confronting these dynamics, OP is aware of the mental health component intertwined with his sibling’s religious instability.

He Didn’t Know What to Do

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While acknowledging the presence of this underlying issue, OP grappled with the question of whether accommodating his sibling’s erratic behavior is a viable solution.

Religious Shifts

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Moreover, the current living arrangement magnifies the situation, as OP is compelled to witness the religious shifts and their associated consequences.

He Asked Reddit

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As a result, OP took to Reddit to ask whether he would be in the wrong for deciding to drop his sister.

Several Redditors sided with OP and said that he was not wrong.

Denying Humanity

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One Reddit user wrote, “NTA at all. If people try to deny your humanity, you don’t owe them s***.”

She’s Having an Identity Crisis

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Another Redditor commented, “NTA, you shouldn’t have to put up with your sister’s queer phobia just because she’s having an identity crisis.”

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