Family Home Illegally Occupied and Listed for Sale by Squatter for $225,000

A Louisiana man took the concept of squatters’ rights to an extreme. These are the antics of Joseph Guerin as he embarked on a quest to claim ownership of a property valued at almost a quarter of a million dollars.

A Bizarre Squatter Showdown That Defied Belief

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This tale is an extraordinary example of trespassing taken to a new dimension.

The Man Behind the Mayhem

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Joseph Guerin, the central figure, embarked on a quest that pushed the boundaries in the realm of squatting.

A Home Valued at a Small Fortune

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Guerin set his sights on a Baton Rouge residence boasting a staggering price tag just shy of a quarter of a million dollars.

The Stunning Unveiling of Trespassing

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The climax of Guerin’s audacious squatting adventure occurred when the homeowners discovered his presence within their property.

Unauthorized Access and Its Consequences

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As a result of his entry, Guerin found himself on the wrong side of the law, facing arrest for breaking into the house without permission.

Lock Changes and Clever Maneuvers

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Guerin’s audacious plan included switching the locks and deviously altering the utility accounts to bear his name.

Released but Far From Resolved

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Guerin managed to secure his release, leaving everyone stunned as they anticipated his next move.

A Repeat Offender With a Checkered Past

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Guerin’s escapades weren’t confined to this incident; he had a track record of squatting and encountering legal trouble.

The Shocking Discovery

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The homeowners, Richard and Kristen Craven, were in for a shock when they stumbled upon Guerin’s complete occupation of their property.

Property Inherited and Transferred

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The Cravens inherited the Baton Rouge residence following the passing of Kristen’s parents.

But Guerin had other ideas in mind.

Dreams Transform Into a Nightmare

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Guerin and his cohorts essentially made themselves at home, creating a whirlwind of chaos within the property’s walls.

An Astonishing Home Makeover

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The squatters initiated a comprehensive transformation, altering flooring and countertops, even coating every surface with a fresh lick of white paint.

Disturbing Activities Within

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The Cravens became increasingly alarmed as they observed unsettling activities transpiring within their cherished property.

Listing Someone Else’s Property for Sale

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Guerin took his audacity to the next level by listing the property for sale online, with an astonishing asking price of $225,000.

The Legal Battle Commences

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Their initial engagement with law enforcement led to a state of bewilderment, as both parties presented documents asserting their rightful claims to ownership, with Guerin even brandishing property tax documentation bearing his name.

“Whatever He Has It’s Forged”

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Richard Craven told the media of his anger, “The police won’t show me what paperwork he has,” He said. “I’ve told them whatever he has, has got to be forged.”

Neighbors Sound the Alarm

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A vigilant neighbor tipped off the Cravens about Guerin’s return, “you have company over there, that Joey guy is back.” Leading the Cravens to rush back to their property.

The Legalities of Squatting in Louisiana

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Squatting is illegal in Louisiana, but if you peacefully stay at the property for 10 uninterrupted years with title, it’s yours.


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