Family Forbids All Birthdays, Husband Defies Them and Sparks Explosive Fight Over Baby’s First Celebration

The woman’s husband insisted on celebrating their daughter’s first birthday despite her family’s decision not to celebrate birthdays after her brother passed away years before on his birthday.


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Since the tragic passing of the woman’s younger brother, Patrick, on his 17th birthday, the family has made the difficult decision to never celebrate anyone’s birthday again.

The parents made this decision in honor of Patrick’s memory and to show respect for the sorrow they felt. 

No Birthdays

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Out of love for Patrick, the extended family also decided to follow suit and abstain from celebrating any of their birthdays.

He Does His Own Thing

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The husband, Greg, had a different idea and refused to comply with the family’s decision.

He continued to celebrate his own birthday each year, regardless of how his actions affected the family. 

Happy News

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Despite OP’s reservations, she didn’t say anything, as he wasn’t related.

But when the couple found out they were expecting their first child, the issue of celebrating birthdays again became a point of contention between them.

She’s Just a Baby

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OP’s family advised her to avoid celebrating her daughter Felicia’s first birthday, as she was just a baby and wouldn’t even remember the event. 

First Birthday Must Be Celebrated

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OP ultimately agreed, wanting to respect her family’s decision and honor Patrick’s memory. 

But Greg had other ideas and insisted on celebrating Felicia’s first birthday. 

They Celebrated

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After some discussion, they agreed to have a small, secret celebration to avoid conflict with the family.


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But things didn’t go as planned. OP’s mother found out about the party through social media, as Greg had posted pictures of the event. 

An Unexpected Call

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Furious, the mother called OP and expressed her disappointment in her for not respecting Patrick’s memory and the family’s decision.

OP was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say.

She Was Furious

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Frustrated and angry, she confronted Greg about his actions and demanded to know why he had posted the pictures. 

He Was More Furious

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He defended his actions, saying he didn’t need her permission to post the pictures, and wanted to share the joyous occasion with his family.

He accused her of being unreasonable and called her family “snobby” for not understanding his perspective.

They Fought

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The argument quickly escalated, and the two exchanged harsh words.

Greg accused OP of ruining Felicia’s first birthday for him and claimed she had verbally abused him during their argument. 

She Was Desperate

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OP felt helpless, knowing that the situation had caused a massive problem between her and her family.

He Demands Apology

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Now, Greg demands an apology from OP for her actions during the argument.

OP is torn, as she wants to respect her family’s decision, while also acknowledging Greg’s wishes.

It Was a Ridiculous Situation!

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Colt_kun said, “You do look bad, and you are a liar. You should have stood up and said “We are celebrating the life of my daughter” to your family. Go apologize to your husband.”

Another added, “So any kids you have are never allowed birthdays because your brother died? Your family all needs counseling.”

What do you think? Should she have respected her agreement with her parents and extended family, or should she have stood up to them?

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