His Ex-boss Was Bully and a Nightmare to Deal With and He Wanted to Apply to His Company?

A Reddit user described a recent experience they had when a horrible ex-boss applied to the same company they worked at and they made sure the ex-boss didn’t get the job.

They Were Horrible to Work For

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OP (the original poster) worked at a previous company with a boss, Patrick, who was very hard to work for.

Patrick had everyone walking on eggshells when they were in the office and made at least two girls cry because of how mean they were.

OP said a lot of the employees quit because Patrick couldn’t control his temper.

The Employees Couldn’t Stand Them

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Patrick also made everyone think he was the best at doing everything when in reality, he had a hard time completing his own tasks.

OP said that the vibe of the office depended very much on Patrick’s mood for the day, and that if he was having a bad day, everyone else was going to be as well.

Overall, OP described Patrick as disrespectful and unprofessional, which in turn made OP start to look for another job.

Finally Breaking Free…But Being Followed

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OP eventually got a new job at a different company. After some time, OP found out that Patrick had recently applied to work at this new company as well!

OP went to tell the interviewers and HR all about their experience with Patrick, and how they came across in their old role.

Giving the Interviewers a Warning

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OP soon found out that the interviewers took to heart what OP had warned them about.

The interviewers focused on the traits that OP had used to describe Patrick’s behavior and made an effort to make sure these were accurate characteristics.

Patrick did not get the job at the new company.

OP Felt Sweet Revenge

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OP was thrilled that they were not going to have to work with Patrick again. They felt as though Patrick finally got a reality check that he wasn’t as good at his job as he thought he was.

Everyone Agreed With OP

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Many Reddit users chimed in, praising OP for taking the initiative to warn their company about the potential hire.

While OP had been contemplating if it was petty of them to make such an effort to ensure Patrick wasn’t hired, Reddit users disagreed.

They commented that it was an honest reference, and that the interviewers should be grateful for the inside scoop instead of potentially hiring a person that was unfit for the job.

Similar Experiences

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There were quite a few users also describing past bad experiences with managers. Many have now found better bosses and are quite impressed with the change in their work lives.

Good Managers Listen

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One wrote, “Good managers listen to their employees’ input and want them to be their best. I presently have a great one.”

“When he’s thinking of implementing something new he always runs it by his team, because he knows his boots-on-the-ground people can see the practical workability from our end vs the big-picture bottom-line stuff from where he’s sitting.”

Reddit User Tells of the Time They Took Part in the Hiring Process

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They also described an instance where their current manager was taking applications for an assistant director for their department. The Reddit user was in charge of taking resumes from the applicants.

One of them called and was very rude to the Reddit user, insisting on speaking with their director because they “don’t waste time with secretaries”.

The Reddit user told their manager about this interaction and the manager immediately ripped the application in half and dropped it in the trash. The Reddit user was ecstatic.

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