An Entitled Customer Caused a Scene and Called the Cops, but She Was the One in the Wrong?!

A nail salon worker took to Reddit to vent about an entitled customer. She ended up calling the police on him because she’d ruined her own nails! This story is as crazy as it seems.

A Nail Technician With a Story

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Our storyteller is an “Asian guy who works in a nail salon in a mall.” He recently had an incident with a nasty customer that left him angry.

This customer, Kate, is a picky client, to say the least, and doesn’t seem to understand the basics of getting a gel manicure.

He Knew She Was Going to Be a Headache

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OP could tell from the start that she was going to be a headache. He asked her to sit closer to the table, but she got annoyed with him, crossed her legs, and refused to move!

She Didn’t Know Her Colors

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Then, she asked for two colors but didn’t know which one was white and which one was pink. She only got worse from there.

She Was Super Particular

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When OP started to paint her nails, Kate was very particular and looked at them every few seconds.

He thought she might just be a picky client, but he should have followed his gut feeling that she was here for a free gel manicure.

She Refused to Follow His Instructions

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When he’d finished painting the base coat on her first hand, he asked her to put her hand in the UV/LED light to dry (a process called curing), but she only put it halfway in.

She Knows Best

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He told her she needed to put her hand in a little more so the gel could dry properly, but she refused, saying, “I’ve done this a thousand times. I know what I’m doing!”

He Tried to Help Her but It Backfired

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OP explained that every gel light is different and that she needed to follow his instructions, but she refused to listen!

He showed her how to place her hand inside the light, but she kept taking it out.

She’s So Rude!

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After finishing her first hand, he asked her to switch hands, but Kate pretended she didn’t hear him until the third time he asked.

When he reminded her again, she raised her voice and told him that she had to make a phone call.

Lies, Lies, Lies

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While on the phone, she made up a lie, “I didn’t give him permission to touch me, and he forced my hand into the light!”

OP responded, “Excuse me, miss, I didn’t force your hand. I just placed it in the light a little bit more so the gel can dry.”

He Shouldn’t Have Continued

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But she shut him down and told him the conversation was over and not to bother her when she was on the phone! Despite this, he continued the service, which he now regrets.

Can I Talk to the Manager?

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Kate then asked to speak to the manager and requested to see the camera footage, but the manager told her that only authorities or the police were allowed to see it.

Kate then demanded that he call the police! The manager obliged.

Then the Police Showed Up!

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OP followed her to the door but kept his distance because she hadn’t paid for her service yet.

When the police arrived, Kate accused OP of assaulting her by forcing her hand into the light.

His Coworkers Had His Back

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Fortunately, OP’s coworker was working with a client nearby and heard everything that had happened.

They offered to be witnesses and told the police what really happened. Another policeman arrived and checked the camera footage, which showed that she was lying.

A Commotion in Starbucks

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OP’s manager later told him that the police went to talk to her while she was in Starbucks, and she screamed at them and caused a scene there!

She Got Off Scot-Free!

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In the end, the police let her go without paying for her service, and OP was livid!

He couldn’t believe that Kate had made false accusations, caused a scene in Starbucks, and got away without any consequences.

Should He Press Charges?

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Now he’s wondering if he should go to the police station and press charges against her, but it may not be worth the time and effort.

A Frustrating Situation

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This situation is frustrating for OP, who was just doing his job. It’s sad to see how easily some people can make up lies and get away with them.

Her Behavior Was Atrocious!

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Kate’s behavior was unacceptable, and holding her accountable for her actions is important.

It’s unfortunate that in this instance, Kate didn’t face any consequences for her actions.

A Daily Problem

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OP is not alone in this experience, as many people have dealt with nightmare customers before.

It’s important to speak up and ensure that these behaviors don’t become acceptable to society.

Ruining His Reputation

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False accusations can ruin someone’s reputation, and taking action against them is important. Let’s hope karma eventually catches up with this horrible, entitled, nightmare client!

What do you think about this guy’s story? He had a nightmare client and dealt with it as well as possible – it’s just bad luck she got off scot-free.

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