Deaf Care Home Melts Hearts With Hilarious “The Office” Style TikTok Videos

This organization for elderly deaf people has erupted on TikTok with its hilarious and heartwarming videos, displaying days in the life of a deaf care home. This video of the London Fire Service doing a talk at the home has reached 6.3 million views with one elderly deaf lady shouting, “Handsome!” at one of the firefighters.

Deaf Elderly Group Has Users in Stitches

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The Jewish Deaf Association (JDA) in the UK is melting the hearts of TikTok users.

With over 47,000 followers, their videos are a riot of laughter and unpredictable moments.

Viral Video With Fire Brigade Captures Hearts

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The deaf charity’s most popular video, with nearly six million views, features a visit from the London Fire Brigade to discuss fire safety. 

Things took a humorous turn when firefighter Jay introduced himself, and Stella couldn’t resist blurting out “Handsome!” 

Chaos as Deaf Group Doesn’t Know How to Put Out a Fire!

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In another side-splitting moment, firefighter Hannah asked what to do if a fire breaks out. 

David S. suggested using a blanket, while David J. thought waving a towel would do the trick. 

The firefighter then hilariously tells the elderly members that waving a blanket at the fire is the worst thing you can do!

This Lady Had Enough of the Fire Fighters!

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As the video progresses, one deaf member Colleen argues with the firefighter after he told her to unplug her TV at night.

The chaos continues as the charity staff and firefighters struggle to maintain order.

Elderly Deaf Men Show Hilarious Sense of Humour

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One member then cracks a joke, saying that their fire alarms should be under their pillow instead of on the ceiling!

In their latest video, the group gathered to brainstorm ideas for their upcoming activities. 

Leslie excitedly suggested a Humpty Dumpty show.

Storming Out!

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Stella expressed her disapproval of betting on horses, and Brenda declared shopping a waste of time. 

The video concludes with Stella storming off in a huff.

TikTok Are Obsessed!

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The comment section is buzzing with love for these videos. 

One comment says, “This is so unhinged and I absolutely love it.”

Others compare it to their favorite TV shows such as The Office and Parks And Recreation.

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