Check These De-Cluttering Tips to Get Extra Cash During 2023

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Everyone anticipates some interesting things to do at the start of the year, like setting goals for the rest of the year, getting in fit, losing a bit of weight and finding ways to get extra cash.

Though a little painstaking, it’s also a time to declutter and reset for the year ahead. There is no better time to let go of things you no longer need, and it’s an excellent time to evaluate what still fits around the house and what doesn’t.

Why Declutter?

According to astrologer Elena, founder, and CEO of Impact Astrology Inc., “Decluttering helps to make room for new energy in your life.

Clearing out old belongings, especially those associated with painful memories or difficult periods in your life, creates physical space for new items, experiences, and people to come into your life. “.

And who knows, you might get lucky and unearth valuables and pleasant surprises like a bag of coins, gift cards, or a piece of jewelry you didn’t even know you were missing.

Barry Maher, a consultant, motivational speaker, and author, says that one of his clients spent several days getting rid of clutter and found a forgotten sizable check of eight months.

Even if you don’t get that lucky, decluttering can help you make a little extra money by just selling your clutter.

Signs You Should Declutter

Decluttering is optional, though, if it’s not necessary. If you don’t have a culture of accumulating more and more things, you might not have unneeded things.

Decluttering may make you feel deprived and have you replace items you declutter. If unsure, these are tell-tale signs you need to declutter this 2023.

  • You have no spare hangers and drawer spaces for your clean clothes
  • You have lots of unused garments with tags
  • You have a cluttered garage without room to fit a car
  • You spend time looking for things like your car keys
  • Your clutter begins to embarrass you, and avoid people visiting
  • You have too many empty boxes taking up space
  • You know you have too much when your closet doors or drawers won’t close

A Resale Expert’s Decluttering Tips

If any of the above applies to you, here are some decluttering tips you can live by from resale expert Jordan Barnes. She is also the Head of Marketing, Brand at Sella. A company that helps in the resale of clutter and gives back profits to the clutter owners.

Re-evaluate Your Lifestyle and Need

People bought all kinds of things out of pandemic boredom. But now that people are returning to the office and life is “returning to normal,” you’ll find many items you were using every day in lockdown but haven’t picked up since and likely won’t ever use again.

Think about the items you used last year but maybe haven’t used since. Or won’t fit this year? Last year’s Chromebook, the AirPods you upgraded, the snowboard you used once, and items like that.

Think Tech and More for the Money

Get that tech out of your junk drawer! The sooner you sell it, the more it’ll be worth. This is especially important to remember around new tech drops, like now. Now is the prime time for new phone releases when you can expect the highest return for your old tech.

Other best-selling items include electronics, headphones, gaming consoles, designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, instruments, sports gear, small appliances, and small furniture. The average custom payout for these items is over $500.

You’re likely sitting on a goldmine at home! Typically, brand-name items in good condition have the highest demand.

Don’t Procrastinate!

Do you ever feel worse after a workout? Or after a healthy, nutritious meal? Most likely not! The same logic applies here. You’ll never feel worse after decluttering, especially if you’re making money effortlessly using the right platform!

For the right motivation, just think of all that clutter collecting dust when it could be collecting cash.

Find the Right Platform

It’s also helpful to consider resale as a different buying experience than retail. Retail has set prices determined by companies.

Resale prices and demand can fluctuate with seasonality, new product releases, pop culture moments, and much more.

This is where Sella comes in: they have the tools to monitor these market fluctuations 24/7 and guide you towards the most successful selling outcomes. The best part is that you don’t pay a commission for the sale, only a flat fee per item.

Wrapping Up on De-Cluttering Tips

There’s always the struggle to start decluttering, but when you begin to, you may face a pitfall down the line when you get a bit of a high with the task, leading you to over-declutter. As such, before decluttering anything, consider if:

  • It’s an item you love unconditionally or one you never really wanted
  • Have multiples of the item
  • Use it regularly or can put it to better use
  • It’s critical to keep or expire, especially when dealing with papers and documents.

Finally, if you don’t feel the need to sell your clutter, try to donate appropriately. Avoid leaving unneeded possessions in good condition at a dump. Instead, consider giving them to relatives and friends who may need them.

Alternatively, ask around to see if any local groups could benefit from any of your gifts. Some of these items may be useful at rescue missions, shelters, animal rescues, and other local resources.

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