His Dad Gave His Brother and Sister Financial Help but Refused to Pay For His Education

The Original Poster (OP) has been accepted to college, but when he went to talk with his parents about the next steps – he was met with earth-shattering news. 

Picture Perfect Family

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The news that devastated OP’s world came like a bolt from the blue. 

All his life, he believed that his dad was his true father, who loved and cared for him unconditionally. And why wouldn’t he? It was the man that raised him, after all.

Dad Paid for Older Siblings’ Education

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His dad paid for his older brother and sister’s college education, including all their expenses, with pride and generosity. 

Successful Older Brother

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His brother has a successful job, and his own place and is about to start a new chapter with his fiancé. His sister already has a lucrative job but continues to enjoy the financial support of their dad.

Where There Is Family, There Are Secrets  

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But when OP got accepted to the same college as his siblings and approached his parents for the same support, he was met with a shocking revelation. 

Heartbreaking News

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His dad told him that his mother had an affair, and OP resulted from that infidelity.

And to make matters worse, his dad revealed that he is unwilling to support OP moving forward since he is not his biological son. 

The news was devastating, and OP said his father had torn his world apart.

For 18 Years, Their Lips Were Sealed

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His siblings were equally shocked, as they had no idea about the situation. 

Mom Was Meant to Have the Talk

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OP’s grandparents, who knew the truth, never said a word, and his mom, who was supposed to have “the talk” with OP, never did. 

He Feels Abandoned

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Now, OP is left feeling abandoned and unprepared for what lies ahead. He has no idea how he will afford college, how he will find a job, or how to apply for loans.

Mom Has Tried to Apologize

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His mom’s apology has done little to ease his pain, and OP feels torn between anger and confusion. He doesn’t know where he stands with his dad and wonders if he’s still welcome at home. 

Not Belonging Is a Terrible Feeling

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The thought of moving out terrifies him, as he has no savings and no idea where to go. 

Where Is His Biological Father?

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And to top it all off, there’s a man out there who is his biological father but has never wanted to have anything to do with him. OP feels rejected, ashamed, and lost.

Amid all this chaos, OP is searching for answers. Should he apologize to his dad? What should he say? He feels helpless and alone, with no idea how to fix this situation.

Hope Never Abandons You

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Redditors flocked to the post, offering encouragement, support, and advice. 

One user wrote, “If he truly will not help, apply for emancipation. That way you will qualify for grants and financial aid.”

DifiantCrab asked, “Just out of curiosity, did they ever get a genetics test? Do they know 100% that he’s not your father?”

What advice would you give OP? Should they get a genetics test? Are genetics the only thing that makes you family?

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