Colleague Tries Forcing a Magazine on Her Coworker for a Very Bad Reason

It seems that some bosses simply do not know how to correctly treat their employees. Every boss should understand how to accept everyone and not put people on the spot for their gender, race, or preferences. 

A Rude Boss

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Yet, in this scenario, it seems that this employee’s boss isn’t aware of how to keep their mouth closed and opinions to themselves. Although they are trying to be kind, they are simply rude and offensive with their opinion.

TikToker Elsye (@elsyehoneyy) shares this story about her strange boss and the racist attitude. She wants to highlight how bosses shouldn’t treat their employees.

Elsye works in a hospital, and she admits it is different from working anywhere else. People that have worked in a hospital will definitely know what she means.

The hospital industry is stated to be very “diverse,” as every employee has to deal with many different people, including clients and co-workers.

An Evil Boss

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Elsye goes on to share the story about her boss that has always been a bit of a “witch”. 

She even claims her boss looks the part! The personality matches the appearance, making the boss even more strange and dismissive. 

She states that her boss could do with having “an iron to her face.”

The Boss Persists

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One day, the boss called Elsye on the office phone and asked if she would like a magazine. Elsye doesn’t often read magazines and found this gesture strange.

The boss persisted in giving Elsye the magazine. She continued to say no thank you.

A magazine simply wasn’t her idea of good reading material, even for a quick break.

She Didn’t Want It

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Elsye continued to tell the boss she was “sure” she didn’t want the magazine.

After some debate about why Elsye didn’t want the magazine and why the boss wanted to give it to her, the boss admitted why she thought Elsye would want to read the magazine.

Elsye even asked the boss why she didn’t simply put it in the waiting room for clients to browse through. After this suggestion, the truth finally came out.

The boss admitted that the magazine wasn’t the kind of magazine anyone would want to read. Elsye said if no one else would want to read it, then she wouldn’t either.

The Boss Makes a Rude Remark

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Again, Elsye politely refused the offer.

This is the final time the boss asked, saying “Well, it has a cute black girl on the front”, suggesting Elsye would only want to read the magazine simply because Elsye is black, too.

Without realizing this is a racist comment, the boss makes no further comment.

The Boss Is Unaware of How Rude She Is

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It seems the boss thinks it is fine to make such suggestions and make racist remarks. Elsye questions why nobody else would want to read the magazine just because of who is on the front cover.

If it were down to the rest of society, many people would likely fight back and share their opinion on this racist comment.

They Roll Their Eyes

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All Elsye can do to this comment is roll their eyes and be shocked. Instead of arguing with the boss and telling her she is wrong for what she said, Elsye stays calm and remains the better person. 

Letting off steam to TikTok allows Elsye to seek the right support and opinions. From the comments, it is clear to see that other people admit this opinion is wrong and uncalled for. 

In the future, hopefully, the boss sees this video and apologizes for making such rude remarks to Elsye. 

How would you react if your boss make rude remarks? Would you stay so calm or make a formal complaint?

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