New York is Among Top Cities Using Journaling and Yoga For Mental and Physical Health 

It’s been a difficult few years for Americans with enforced lockdowns and now, a cost of living crisis straining budgets and emotional well-being. Even the most resilient might find themselves drained, so what can people do right now to look after their mental and emotional well-being? The answer seems to be to follow the lead … Read more

I Hate My Job: Goodhire Study Says This Generation is the Most Unhappy at Work

I hate my job

There is a generational divide happening in the United States workforce, and you might be surprised at who is most unhappy with their jobs. GoodHire measured workplace happiness among 4,000 workers across multiple generations, and it found that Generation Z, or 18-24-year-olds, are the most unhappy at work. The study broke out each generation as … Read more