Working Moms: Striking That Elusive Work-Life Balance

Working moms

There’s been a generational shift of the role of the woman from the housewife who looks after the children to one where they’ve had to continue to carry the parental burden whilst also entering the workplace. Working moms, both full time and part time have the ongoing challenge remain their children’s mom, available 24/7 whilst … Read more

I Hate My Job: Goodhire Study Says This Generation is the Most Unhappy at Work

I hate my job

There is a generational divide happening in the United States workforce, and you might be surprised at who is most unhappy with their jobs. GoodHire measured workplace happiness among 4,000 workers across multiple generations, and it found that Generation Z, or 18-24-year-olds, are the most unhappy at work. The study broke out each generation as … Read more

155 Uplifting Self-Care Quotes for Mental Health

Mental health

Nicole at Wealth of Geeks has compiled this extensive list of quotes that aim to remind you of the importance of you and looking after yourself. Your mental, emotional and physical health are easily overlooked and sacrificed in the pursuit of your career goals so these quotes are a timely reminder of what’s important. Self-care … Read more

How to Be More Confident at Work in 21 Steps

How to Be More Confident

In the nearly ten years since Sheryl Sandberg released Lean In, there’s been a lot of conversations about how to be more confident in the workplace. However, many employees still struggle with negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, and nagging fears of rejection. Faith in oneself comes from an inner strength developed through positive reinforcement, discipline, and … Read more