Seniors in America Lose Over $1 Billion to Scams, Including Several Fueled by AI Technology

The Senate Committee on Aging’s recent report revealed the substantial financial toll older Americans are facing due to fraudulent schemes, particularly those using AI technologies. Here’s the full story. The Loss In 2022 alone, these scams led to a staggering $1.1 billion loss. The report, led by committee chairman Sen. Bob Casey, shared the urgent … Read more

Trump’s Former CFO Experiences Memory Lapse in Court Regarding Major Financial Matter

In the ongoing civil fraud trial led by New York Attorney General Letitia James against former President Donald Trump, one of the central issues under scrutiny is the alleged exaggeration of the square footage of Trump’s Manhattan penthouse in Trump Tower. Trump Organization’s former CFO, Allen Weisselberg, took the stand to provide insights into this … Read more

12 Ways You’ve Crossed The Line From Frugal to Cheapskate

Are you always trying to get the best deal, even if it means sacrificing quality or convenience? If so, you might be a cheapskate. While being frugal is admirable, there’s a fine line between being frugal and being a cheapskate. Here are 12 signs that you might be crossing that line. #1. You always order … Read more

Five Super Cool Passive Income Strategies

In business, passive income usually describes money earned without actively working or putting much effort into it.  Usually, generating a consistent source of passive income doesn’t happen overnight.  Initially, you need to invest cash, time, and effort and be patient for effective results. Some methods can create a consistent flow of income with little effort, … Read more

7 Best Debit Cards for Kids and Teens in 2023

Debit Cards for Kids

Wealth of Geeks shared the best debit cards for kids and teens as well as their pros and cons in this excellent article. They originally published and we received permission to republish it here. Giving your child a debit card at a young age can be an excellent way to teach them about money and … Read more

Check These De-Cluttering Tips to Get Extra Cash During 2023

De-Cluttering Tips

Wealth of Geeks originally published this excellent article on de-cluttering tips. We received permission to republish the post here. Everyone anticipates some interesting things to do at the start of the year, like setting goals for the rest of the year, getting in fit, losing a bit of weight and finding ways to get extra … Read more