Don’t Forget These Home Seller Closing Costs

closing costs

Wealth of Geeks has given permission Career Step Up to republish this post on some of the closing costs home sellers should be aware of when selling their property. With the current seller’s market, along with high demand and low inventory, many homeowners are dabbling with the idea of putting their house up for sale. … Read more

Critical Things to Consider When Going it Alone: How to Sell a House by Owner

Sell a house by owner

There has been little sign of a housing market crash (although there have been some indications of falling homes prices) and the trend of higher housing market prices continues causing fears of a bubble. Many homeowner are looking to sell their homes into this strength however, increased costs, driven by inflation is causing many home sellers to bypass … Read more

6 Steps to Sell Your House in a Seller’s Market

Sell your house

Higher housing market prices is up causing fears of a bubble but while there few signs of a housing market crash, there are clear indications of a falling homes prices. If you want to lock-in some of your profits from your house, Wealth of Geeks gives direction on how to sell your house in a very active market. Despite … Read more

21 of the Best Zip Codes for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing

Tyler Weaver has written a great post on real estate investing for Wealth of Geek which we’re republishing here. Tyler is a real estate investor and blogger at Relentless Finance. Real estate investors may need to broaden their search to additional markets with real estate inventory currently at record lows. When searching, remember that not … Read more

CoreLogic Report Indicates Housing Bubble is About to Deflate

Housing bubble

House prices increased by around 17% in 2022, even though everything going on in the wider economy suggested the exact opposite should happen. This has left many people wondering if we’re in the middle of a housing bubble set to burst any minute now. Are we due a correction? A recent report from CoreLogic suggests … Read more